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Notes: www.britishvideosex.com, originally part of TVX series The Sauna Tapes
Alternate Titles
  • Best Of British Sauna and Massage Parlours
Notes and Reviews

(The Sauna tapes: The A5 Sauna on TVX in censored version)

Marino and Bob Scott visit a massage parlour and have sex with the two girls there - Tricia and Stephanie. Stephanie [4] (new girl) is a slim redhead who looks like Michelle Wright from some angles, but is not her. She has a rose tattoo on her right upper arm. Tricia is a plumpish blonde with fat thighs who appeared in a Badfellas episode.

The sex includes a threesome, brief, but otherwise partners are swapped. Stephanie takes a facial from both, but there are four money shots in all.

Bayleaf's view:

Marino and Bob (Scott) are waiting in the parlour for some action and discussing what they want when Stephanie and Tricia enter in short white coats.

There is some quick group groping on the sofa before pairing off. Stephanie takes Marino and Tricia takes Bob to the treatment rooms. Stephanie strips to her black pants and holdups and gives Marino a full body massage. She tellls him what she's gonna do to him and starts by pissing over his chest. Sex on and off the massage table ending with a facial.

Meanwhile Bob is playing hide the dildo with Tricia, then they return to the reception room where they join the others for sex on the sofa. Bob fucks Tricia (now just in white stockings) while she sucks Marino and a free for all develops. Scene ends with a facial for Tricia from Marino and Bob pulling out to cum over Stephanie's pussy.

Good, nicely contrasting girls and usual fine action from the guys. Short, at just 80 minutes, but usually available on offer from Marino's website.

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