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Released: 2000
Alternate Titles
  • Dick Nasty's British Sluts
Notes and Reviews

Or so the artwork on the disk and box cover says. However, the opening credits say 'Loretta Sterling's British Slutz'.

Cast credits Celeste, Kat, Tease and Barbara.

Most of the outdoor sequences were filmed in the rain.

  • Guy de Silva takes pictures of Sarah Carter in a churchyard. Because it is raining they go back to her house to do a screen test. He gets her to tease him with a slow strip and then they have sex to facial.
  • Barbara Pataki is picked up by Guy de Silva in the rain. The same screen test routine follows. She is much more chatty than Sarah, and pretends to have no experience. M/F to facial.
  • Dick Nasty chats up a girl, whom I presume to be Tease, on a busy street in the rain. She calls herself Claire. She is the boyish, short-haired brunette of Brits are Blowing 2. The sex takes place in the same room as scene 2 which was supposed to be Barbara's flat. Straight forward sex to facial, which seems to be her first one as she keeps her mouth firmly shut and asks him whether she can wipe it off.
  • Guy de Silva is watching a ferry on the sea front (in the rain). Karina Currie asks to share his umbrella and then asks him back to her flat for some fun. M/F to facial, at which she comments 'Mm! Cream tea'.

As in the second in this series it is Barbara and Kat (Karina) who show the most personality of all the performers, males included, though Tease looks cute. There is little to recommend this video. The DVD is not even interactive and there are no extras like stills.

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