< The Brits Are Blowing 2

Released: 2001
Notes and Reviews

Cast credits - Barbara, Brandy Nash, Karina, Leigh Brooke, Tracy, Tease, Sara Carter, Ashley Taylor, Lisa, Erica.

The second of Dick Nasty's Blowjob Adventure imitations. A typically lazy effort, part clips from other videos (I suspect) and not even including an all British cast of girls, contrary to the title.

The first two scenes do appear to have been made for this video, however. In the first Leigh Brooke introduces herself as from Stratford-on-Avon and then joins Dick Nasty on the bed for a bj to facial. Then she looks at the camera and says 'You're next'.

In the second we discover Tracy Williams (no introduction this time) kneeling in front of a garden bench and giving Dick a blowjob, again ending in a facial and a look to the camera with 'You're next'.

Then it is as if the makers run out of what little 'creative' energy they have and say 'What the hell. Why bother?' There are no more introductions and no more 'You're next's and the rest of the scenes may well be cut from other videos, though I didn't recognise any of them.

Scene 3 may well be Rebecca Irwin. The hair and figure are right, but we never get a clear look at her face. Facial.

Scene 4 is a blonde with pigtails whose American accent is revealed when she urges Dick to cum over her tits, which he does.

Scene 5 may well be the Brandy Nash of the credits, who, judging from the reviews of her other films that I've been able to find, is also an American. Anyway she is a brunette with a tongue stud and the scene ends with a facial.

Scene 6 is a cute boyish short-haired brunette who looks familiar but doesn't speak. This must be Tease of Dick Nasty's British Sluts who is a Brit. She has tattoos on right and left upper arms and sucks Guy de Silva to a facial.

Scene 7 is Sarah Carter and this scene includes a 69.

Scene 8 is Babara Pataki who sucks Dick Nasty to a facial.

Scene 9 is a plain bespectacled woman with a flabby stomach and straight mousey hair. She sucks Guy de Silva to a facial. The scene is set outdoors.

Scene 10 has Karina Curry giving Dick Nasty a blowjob and taking the cum on her chest. This appears to have been made before her tongue was pierced, unless these studs can be removed.

Additional notes by Bayleaf (March 2007):

  1. Leigh Brooke: As described
  2. Tracy Williams: With Dick, same gardens as Brits are Cumming
  3. Probably not Rebecca Irwin, possibly Belgian Stephanie [2] (see egafd)
  4. American Ashley Taylor
  5. American Brandy Nash
  6. Tease and Guy de Silva
  7. Sarah and Guy de Silva
  8. Barbara Pataki and Dick
  9. Unknown with Guy de Silva
  10. Karina Currie and Dick

Unknowns in Scene 3 and Scene 9 credited as Lisa or Erica, can't distinguish.

Collection of blowjob scenes cobbled together by Dick Nasty and Guy de Silva from a series of shoots from the turn of the Millennium which have been released elsewhere as the Brits are Blowing and/or Cumming.

Within these ten scenes we have Americans, and very probably Europeans too, so the title is as duff as the action. Dick and Guy were never the most lively or exciting studs and here they seem to be comatose as some pretty girls suck their todgers. Film quality showing its age too.

Action as listed with Americans Ashley Taylor in scene 4 and Brandy Nash in scene 5. Probably not Rebecca Irwin in scene 3, possibly pre-boob-job Stephanie [2] (see egafd).

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