< The Brits Are Cumming 3 DVD available

Released: 2001
Notes: Heatwave
Alternate Titles
  • Britisch Cherry Poppers DVD available Pleasure GmbH, box title
  • British Cherry Poppers DVD available Pleasure GmbH
Notes and Reviews

The intros to the first two scenes are intercut, but this misguided attempt at sophistication is not kept up.

  • Melanie Bishop and Dick Nasty have sex on the shores of Loch Ness and then move indoors to a hotel room. This includes anal in the spoon and reverse cowgirl positions and ends in a sloppy facial.
  • Anna Smith and her boyfriend for the occasion approach a castle and climb onto the battlements where they have sex, including reverse cowgirl anal and a cumshot over her pussy.
  • Dick Nasty picks up Violet Storm at Greenwich when she asks him for directions. They go back to his garden and have sex on a bench to facial.
  • Tracy Williams has sex with Lee in a garden. They then move indoors for reverse cowgirl anal and a facial over her glasses.
  • Sonia Lee literally bumps into Dick Nasty as she leaves a chip shop and spills her greasy chips (French fries for our American readers) over his clothes. They go back to her place where she gives him a bath leading to sex to facial.
  • Leigh Brooke gives a blowjob to facial.

There is some attempt to create situations in some of these scenes, though the seduction is hardly prolonged. However, the sex is well performed and well-shot against some fine backgrounds and this is enjoyable basic porn.

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