< The Brits Are Cumming 4

Released: 2001
Notes: Heatwave
Notes and Reviews
  • Jenny [5] (tall, blonde on top, black hair underneath) meets Guy de Silva in a London street. She asks him why he's in the UK and he tells her he's making a porn film. She asks to be in it. So they go back to a hotel room and have sex on camera. The choreography is as routine as usual - bj, fucking, anal (doggy), facial.
  • Dick Nasty meets Laura Hermenson in the park. She looks fabulous in a tight miniskirt, but the cameraman (Dick Nasty himself) doesn't seem to notice this and we see her only from his shoulder height. She says she is on the game and he asks if she will do it on film. Back to a house for sex with Aaron Shuter - bj, fucking, anal (rc), facial.
  • Melissa Walker meets Dick Nasty in Trafalgar Square - back to hotel room for sex with Dick Nasty - bj, fucking, anal (including rc), fine facial.
  • Shakina accosts Dick Nasty in the street, bizarrely recognizes him 'off the TV' and says she has been dying to appear in one of his videos. (Can't have been the C5 documentary she saw then.) See above.
  • The only scene which in any way varies from the other robotic affairs is this one. We discover Leigh Brooke having sex with a bloke on the cliff top above Dover harbour. But it isn't long before the action moves inside for the usual sequence. (Condom used).

The girls in this are fine, the camerawork is sound, the facials are good, but why does it all have to be as if programmed by computer?

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