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Released: 2002
Notes: Heatwave
Notes and Reviews

Note: This video was obviously made at the same time as part 5, so much so that Alicia's scene follows on from Melissa's in the previous part. My remarks on the first programme are therefore exactly the same for this one, so in order to understand the following, a quick read of The Brits are Cumming 5 review is recommended.

Scene 1 (or 7 if you followed the instructions above). Leyli is shopping in Oxford Street when she meets Guy da Silva who's lost his wallet. Once again the programme starts promisingly as when, inevitably, they get back to the room in its office mode. Guy asks Leyli to show him her purchases. After showing a new top and changing into a dress she is then stripped for some straightforward shagging including anal and facial.

Alicia arrives back at 'the room' with Dick Nasty, she explains that it's Melissa's bedroom, which indeed it is because the bed is back, so they sit down and soon Dick strips Alicia who then jumps on a prone Dick. Alicia does a fine job pretending to enjoy herself, while Dick lies underneath avoiding eye contact and appears to be concentrating hard on maintaining an erection. Surely keeping it up with the lovely and horny Alicia bouncing up and down on top can't be that difficult can it? Includes anal and facial.

Next scene starts outside with Miss V leaning against a tree as Guy da Silva walks past. Guy pauses to ask why the damsel is distressed and she replies that she has just broken up with her boyfriend 'cos he won't fuck her up the arse. Guy says that he can help her out, and he does, back at the room - now arranged as an office so plenty of shagging on the desktop. Miss V gets the promised anal and facial.

Dick and Danielle are lying on the bed (bed is placed at 90 degrees this time for a bit of variation), but they're soon stripped off and shagging away. Once again Miss Kelson is a trouper on top while Dick maintains his erection beneath. Anal included.

Donna is in on the sofa with Guy, the pair having met on a London tour bus, allegedly. Guy strips Donna and bingo, they're at it. Anal and facial.

Finally, Jessica meets Dick in Trafalgar Square and comes back to the room in bedroom mode, where Mark is waiting. The pair strip off and Mark starts to screw in missionary, Jessica keeps her shoes on with fetching calf straps and she looks very sexy with her feet above her head, soles against the wall, as Mark pounds away. Dick appears, shoos Mark away and starts on Jessica. For the first time in the video Dick puts some effort into his performance and a vigorous session ensues with anal and ending with a hurried facial.

This episode, as with episode 5, has been shot on a shoestring with virtually no imagination at all. Sex is almost invariably between fully nude partners and always appears hurried. There are top Brit Girls in these films, but fans will be disappointed that their talents aren't better employed.

Review by Bayleaf

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