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Released: 2001
Alternate Titles
  • John Friendly's Big & Small 3
Notes and Reviews

Condoms used throughout.

  • Scotti Andrews (Claire Kiernan) walks into a cake shop cum cafe and asks the bloke behind the counter for a doughnut and then asks for a scone - the dialogue intended to exploit her Glasgow accent and the weak double entendre of scone for penis. She is wearing her silver dress and black hold ups and no undies. He sits her over a table to lick her pussy and then gets a blowjob - as the title suggests he is enormous (though she is not small) and she can barely get the head of his cock into her mouth. This proceeds to a titty fuck, then back to an interminable bj. He fucks her on the table in the missionary position, then cowgirls and reverse cowgirl on a chair. Finally she says she wants him to 'frost her scone' and takes a facial, partly in the left eye and some reaches her left ear.
  • Dayton and male.
  • Nicole Sheridan and male, anal.
  • Cassandra and two men, anal.
  • Ebony Sinclair (Jacqui Ebony) with a man on a bed after a teasing strip. Pussy licking, anal fingering, rimming, bj, then she is fucked doggy style and then in the missionary position. Anal follows (missionary and spoon). Weak cumshot over chest and neck.
  • Charlene Aspen and two men.

Routine American porn with nothing to raise it above the vast herd of such releases unless you are a fan of one or more of the girls.

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