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Released: 2003
Director: Terry Stephens
Notes: Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

The rush to release everything you have must be very strong for producers with cupboards full of pre-R18 material. Some compilations of rare material are worth seeing, but these five scenes of well-known girls performing with and filmed by Terry Stephens are, regrettably, not old masters. The natural lighting is not very good.

Terry collects Tracey from the station, takes her back to his house where, once they're both undressed, the sex begins on the armchair. After a break to answer the phone, Terry returns and fingers Tracey's bum as a precursor to anal sex. The scene ends with Tracey wanking Terry off over her face.

Young Rebekah undresses on the armchair and starts to have sex with Terry, after a while her mobile rings, which she answers. Terry encourages her to return to the armchair and they continue to have sex in mish and doggie positions while Rebekah speaks on the phone. Afterwards the pair move to the bedroom where the scene ends with Terry pulling out and coming over Rebekah's pussy.

Sonia performs a striptease in front of Terry, then he strips and joins her on the armchair. Sex continues mish, doggie and cowgirl on the armchair before Terry comes over her pussy.

Another strip from German Barbara, then things move in a similar way to the previous scenes. Terry gives Barbara's pussy a good licking and fingering before she extracts his cock from his trousers and returns the favour. Sex begins on the armchair. After a while Terry attempts a little anal, but quickly reverts to the front door. The action moves, briefly, to the floor before Barbara wanks Terry into her face.

Karina and Terry are chatting, then she poses and strips for him. On the armchair, Terry gives Karina's pussy a good licking and she returns the favour. This leads to some hot sex. After a while, Karina's mobile rings. The pair separate and Karina answers the call from her mum (a former model herself). Karina explains that she is in the middle of a scene with Terry ("Terry, mum, the guy I'm doing the scene with!"). The pair quickly resume doggy style and the scene ends with Terry wanking over Karina's pussy.

No one does self-filming better than Terry Stephens and here he's paired with five extremely sexy women, some of the best Brit talent of the last five years. However the natural lighting is not always good, so a lot of the film has a very washed out look. Great to see Karina performing with someone other than Arran Bawn and there are some humorous mobile-phone moments. Perhaps five back-to-back scenes are just too much of a good thing. Good, but there is a lot better stuff out there.

Review by Bayleaf

MikeA's view:

The scenes are mostly shot in the same room and follow more or less the same sequence of strip, masturbation/frigging/cunnilingus, bj, sex missionary and doggie positions, and cumshot. Tracy's scenes stars with her being picked up from the station and she does anal. Rebekah and Karina both answer a phone call in mid shag (Karina's from her Mum). Terry Stephens is simultaneously cameraman and stud, or as the credits say 'Produced, directed, edited & shagged by Terry "One-Eyed-Jack" Stephens'.

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