< (Ben Dover) Buttmania R18 DVD available

Released: 2004
Director: Steve Perry
Alternate Titles
  • Ben Dover's Kick Ass Anal Adventures 2004 DVD available Kick Ass
  • Ben Dovers Anal Adventures Kick Ass, as listed on some retailer sites
Notes and Reviews

Young Sammi is collected from Brighton Station in Ben's Ferrari, then back to a flat for a long build-up with Ben and Marino sharing the filming as Sammi is undressed. Inevitably, being Brighton, Sammi gets a stick of rock up her pussy and a sweet-dummy up her arse, then Pascal arrives and he quickly gets to work, eventually getting round to her bum. Marino joins in for a cowgirl DP which Sammi accomodates magnificently. Scene ends with a three-way facial.

Now I'm a big Ben fan, but at times this scene made me feel uncomfortable as 50ish Ben fondled an inexperienced girl 30 years his junior, helped out by 30 somethings Marino and Pascal.

In the second scene Anna is introduced as a lapdancer from Paris, currently based in the UK. Ben is particularly taken with tall, dark Anna because he's been told she's particularly hairy - and he's not disappointed. Ben requests the French Maid costume from her lapdancing wardrobe and there follows a long build-up on the sofa. Pascal is present but is only invited to participate later. At last Anna sinks onto Pascal's cock and the real action begins. Fucking on the floor and the sofa as Ben stays as closely involved as he can without actually fucking the girl. Anal in doggie and cowgirl before Pascal has her on her back, whereupon he pulls out and shoots a huge load, which manages to miss the target completely. Quickly adjusting his aim, Pascal hits her hair, face and tits while Ben's measured ejaculation hits the spot. Fantastic girl, fantastic figure, fantastic scene.

Next, Ben introduces the winners of his Pornstar of the Month/Year/Week - aw what the hell - it's Tony, a black lad from London and Sarah from Devon. Sarah is a tall, very curvy natural blonde with a lovely big bum (so would have won Ben's competition easily even if no-one else had voted for her!). She and Tony start on the studio sofa after Sarah replaces her glasses. Unfortunately Sarah is too much for Tony (nil point) and he bows out during the oral allowing Pascal to take over. Lots of nice hard sex for another hairy girl on the sofa then they transfer to the desk for anal. Tony looses off a poor facial (nil point) then Pascal returns to the sofa for more deep arse-fucking and a joint facial. Fantastic arse, fantastic girl, fantastic stuff.

The lovely Karina Clarke meets her old mate Ben and the Ferrari at the station. The story here is that Ben must make a demo tape to send to a US studio, who are looking for a new Brit contract girl - so Karina has to do everything, on camera. (Oh no Karina, don't go). She changes from her combats to a black cocktail dress and there's extended foreplay and friendly chat with Pascal who has joined the party. All three get naked and Karina has two cocks in her face, the cue to start fucking on the sofa, then fucking standing, then fucking from behind in another room. Then Ben introduces his "Anal Adventure Kit", a series of butt plugs from small to you-must-be-joking. After widening Karina's arse step by step, she takes Pascal in doggy without trouble in what I'm prepared to believe was her first time. More anal in reverse cowgirl then facials to end. Nice friendly scene with great action.

The bonus here is a featurette shot at a saloon car race meeting. Ben has brought Kym Morgan and Alicia Rhodes along to get their tits out for the lads. Ben spins off early in his race but Alicia comforts him; in the privacy of the mechanic's tent she strips naked, pee's in a bucket and gives him a blowjob. What a girl.

Review by Bayleaf

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