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Director: Sandie Caine
Notes: Rude Britannia
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Produced, directed and starring (in two scenes) Sandie Caine. So, you've seen the invitations, maybe even attended the parties (did I recognise the odd forumite?) now you can buy the DVD. Five scenes, a dozen middle-aged blokes with their heads cut off in each, that's a lot of flying spunk.

All the scenes take place in the same living room with a patterned carpet that salesmen assert 'won't show the dirt' and d├ęcor that qualifies for emergency treatment from Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

Alicia's 1st Bukkake

Sandie and Alicia kneel and attack a squad of blokes with gusto. Sandie waves to the camera and says 'hello mum' and then, as if to match Michael Winner in the directorial stakes, announces it just like a commercial. The girls get stuck in to the blokes and the spunking starts almost straight away. Before long both girls are smothered in cum, but the guys still have some left for joint facials as Alicia and Sandie lock tongues.

Strawberries & Cream

Carley, in a short black dress and no knickers, has a big bowl of strawberries, but no cream. Fortunately she is surrounded by a bunch of naked guys full of cream for her. Carley sits, the guys stand and queue and it's facial after facial until, at the end, a couple of guys cum over the strawberries, which Carley eats.

Sticky Schoolgirls

Teoni and Sandie are the schoolgirls in question here. Usual set up, although things seem a little busier this time with the girls handling cocks two at a time. The school blouses are removed, but the girls keep the rest on including their ties. Eventually faces and boobs are smothered in cum.

Covered in Cum

This scene starts in the conventional way, with Kerry kneeling and moving along a line of naked men. Dressed all in red with white stockings, Kerry then lies on her back on the floor and, while three guys grope her torso, another slips between her legs and the fucking begins. This is a full on gang-bang with Kerry having sex with most, if not all, the guys present. Without any wide shots it's difficult to tell exactly how many men are present, but it could easily be ten or more. After a while Kerry pauses to clean her glasses, then it's back to work. Throughout the action guys cum over her face and body.

Spunk Wrestling

Sandie has brought an inflatable paddling pool into the flat where she is joined by Faye. After Faye extracts a fair bit of spunk from willing cocks, both girls climb in the pool with two guys. More guys outside the pool drop their spunk inside until there's enough slippery fluid for the girls to wrestle and, both naked, they indulge in some mutual pussy licking and fingering.

There are two bonus scenes, which are just extra footage of Alicia and Carley.

If you are a bukkake fan then they don't come much better than this. If you can't see the point, then this won't appeal.

Review by Bayleaf

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