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Director: Omar Williams
Notes: compilation
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In 2004 Omar Williams began re-releasing all his material as R18 DVDs through Big Willy Productions. Some programmes have been well re-authored with an interview with Omar, bonus footage, trailers, outtakes and a witty menu featuring a naked Omar being chased by an angry man and Omar picking his nose! Other programmes have been left untouched and simply transferred to DVD.

Cataloguing the series has been made less than straightforward as some scenes have been released in new titles while others are doubled-up with two programmes on a single DVD. As a result run times vary from 90 minutes to over 3 hours.

I don't know the reason for this six girl compilation, which draws from three previously released programmes, unless there are technical problems with the original material. So I assume that 'Window Cleaner' and 'Blonde on Black' won't have separate releases. The programme is split into two parts:

White girls that like it Big & Black

Omar is late arriving at Highbury & Islington Station en route for Jeanny Bukes' flat. When he gets there Karl Kincaid is already giving her one, which Bert films through a gap in the door. Omar and Bert hide in the toilet, but are discovered by the black-loving Jeanny, who is now wearing a little black dress over her black lingerie and is ready for some more black cock. Omar removes her dress and pants and fucks her on the sofa face to face and doggy, then finishes with a facial. Karl returns while he is cleaning up in the bathroom ...

Outside Stamford Bridge (Chelsea FC) Omar is looking for Jo Kelsey's house (I rather fear it's in Manchester) so she can give him a massage. A short jump-cut later he is outside her house and once inside is taken to the bedroom where Omar strips for a massage. Jo is a fine figure of a woman with big and strong everything and just perfect for a massage and then a fuck, which Omar does, in most positions, and ending with copious amounts of spunk over her superb tits. As the pair then come back downstairs, there's a knock at the door, "Vice-Squad!" ....

Omar is cleaning windows on a block of flats near the Grand Union Canal in East London. Tracy calls from her balcony that she needs help to change a light bulb, but once inside she is reluctant to let Omar go. She seduces him on the sofa by simply undressing and sticking a large dildo in herself. Omar gets the message and they have some hard sex including anal in spoons. Tracy gets a facial from Bert followed by a bigger one from Omar before being sent on their way.

18 and Rude - Black and White special

Omar has just got out of a hotel shower when Sarah Robinson calls to check his room and (surprise surprise) has already written to him asking for an audition, so he gives her one. Fully clothed in white shirt and black skirt, Sarah sucks naked Omar's cock, then in an ugly jump cut, she is naked apart from her black hold-ups while being deeply fucked sitting against the mirror on the dressing table. They swap positions for cowgirl then move to the bed for more deep fucking which ends with cum over her tits. Then there's a knock at the door, it's the manager ...

This is a top scene for fans of girls wearing glasses and, of course, Sarah does have a fabulous figure and perfect legs. It's a shame there's not more stuff available from her late 90's career.

At Liverpool Street station Omar's window cleaner mate passes him his bucket, squeegee and customer list, as the search for gainful employment continues. This is the opening sequence for Window Cleaner, 2000. He bumps into Sam in the street and offers to clean the windows of her cottage. As soon as he's finished he goes inside where tall Sam, in a ridiculously short black dress, offers sex. Omar fucks her on the chaise-longue, including anal in doggie. Bert gets a feel of her pussy while Omar's cock is up her bum, then she sucks his cock. Omar holds the camera while Bert fucks Sam up the bum, then reverts to face to face on the chaise where he pulls out and spunks over her belly. Omar delivers a modest facial.

Omar calls at Jane's Bethnal Green hair salon. Business is slow so she shows Omar her black dildo, agreeing to have sex with him before her boyfriend gets back. Omar undresses and fucks Jane on one of the seats under the driers. He fucks her arse doggy, reverse cowgirl and missionary before a major release over her generous tits - then her boyfriend arrives.

A few scenes from the very early stuff, Jane, Sarah, Jeanny and the amazing Jo and very good they are too. And they lack the often overplayed roles of Bert. With both programmes, the DVD has a running time of two hours and a budget price. Good value, hot stuff.

Review by Bayleaf

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