< Bukkake Man's Cumshot Cuties 2 R18 DVD available

Released: 2004 or 5
Director: Bukkake Man
Notes: Rude Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • Cumshot Cuties 2
Notes and Reviews

This appears to be a 2 hour compilation of several amateur-male-versus-unknown-female-porn-stars-hotel-sex-parties, with lots of condomed fucking and facials. It's quite arousing in that it appears to have been arranged as a kinky evening pastime first, a money making video second. But as the latter, it fails technically. The camera is always handheld, there is no lighting apart from the room light and the VERY bright on-camera lamp, which is switched on and off during shooting without regard for how unprofessional that act is or whom it dazzles; and the editing (by Mr.Ali) is pretty poor, with some shots going on for mere seconds before in-camera edits chop to another almost identical set up. That's a big no-no to a pro. If they're trying to make it look like the amateurish footage it is, then they need not credit an editor who really isn't doing anything worth boasting about here.

Sarah is quite wild and Jo (Joanna [2]) is very appealing with lovely big soft breasts, but Kelly (Eliza) steals it with her short appearence, just by looks alone. Juicy Jo is in two long scenes but Melons Marie (Marie-Louise) barely notches up 2 minutes in what looks like footage left out of another video. If you're buying it for her, you'll be let down. Kimberly is in a few scenes, sometimes with blonde curly hair, othertimes it's dark. One girl at one party (maybe one of the above?) is referred to as Bonnie, but we don't see her face.

Review by Bill Malone

Bayleaf's view (March 2007):

An example of Calvin's usual approach, gather up a few tapes and take them round to Mr Ali to have them spliced together. Ignoring the box cover (which in any case I did not have) and the models listed, we seem to have eight girls getting their pussies stretched and their faces covered in goo.

The material was obviously shot over some time (Kimberley goes from a blonde to a redhead and back again) and the scenes are mixed up a fair bit. Joanna and Kimberley perform throughout, sometimes joined by Sarah. Juicy Jo, although uncredited, spends some time with her fishnet legs in the air taking a few guys inside her. Marie Louise has a blink and you missed it moment while Eliza, always dirtier than she looks, fucks a few guys before being covered in cum.

Which leaves just Tara and Katerina who I can't separate. One, a curvy blonde with studs, gets fucked by a few guys right at the start, sharing Calvin's room with Sarah and appearing again later. The other is a slimmer blonde who gets a shagging towards the end.

The usual pantomime with the guy's faces obscured by smiley faces (although not as bad as some other productions), with plenty of pussy, cock and cum chucked around. One for the fans.

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