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Released: 2005
Director: Steve Perry
Alternate Titles
  • The XXX Factor
Notes and Reviews

With no great fanfare for a new series the Triple X factor begins in the usual way with a short introduction from Ben in his editing suite, but from then on it's Ben Dover on steroids. And Ben reveals himself shagging three of the girls, Eva, Lucy and Red. When a little Ben Dover logo appears on screen during the Eva and Red scenes punch the 'enter' button to get 25 seconds of the Dover mushroom doing the business (the logo appears for just a second or two at 1hr 14/17 mins and 2hr 41 mins). My thanks to Rednose for spotting this.

Humbled by the scale, this review simply catalogues the highlights and attempts to give a little of the flavour of the programme, before you place your own order for this classic of the genre.

In the first scene Ben meets Red who is supposedly an estate agent showing him a possible location for a shoot in Nottingham. Red is planning to leave for Australia but decides to audition for Ben before she goes.

Ben and Mark Marais (behind the camera) are in a studio waiting for Keira to arrive. When she does she changes into her glam gear: black underwear, stockings, short skirt and a white shirt. Keira soon has the boys' cocks in her mouth, which includes the late arriving Pascal. Keira, in just her stockings and heels, gets fucked all over the place (floor, stool, bed, desk) in all positions including anal and DPs and ending in three successive facials. Amazing action, as a girl who needs at least two guys to fully appreciate her talents, gets fucked all over.

Before the next scene Ben takes us back to more conversation with Red.

Tony James, Pascal and Ben are all stripped and ready for action in a hotel room when Eva arrives. Fortunately Eva has only her white pants and short red dress on so the guys can dispense with the usual fake introductions and get down to the action. She may be small but Eva can fuck at international level so she takes on both guys on the bed and around the rest of the room, grabbing Ben's cock when she can. Before taking the guys up her bum she takes both cocks in her pussy, reverse cowgirl. Anal from both guys, DPs both ways and a2m, the works in fact and all with a dazzling smile from Eva. Ends with a triple facial.

From his car Ben calls Pascal to come over to the house with Red.

The third scene is a crossover piece as Mark Marais and Ben call at John Mason's house in Newark where Lucy and Lynx are waiting for them. Once again kissing and groping starts straight away, particularly between the girls. Mark and Ben strip off and follow the girls upstairs to a bedroom where they undress each other completely, then Mark and Ben's cock join them for mutual masturbation. John Mason films with a second camera as the action hots up with the girls making a double-ender vanish in their pussies. Ben joins the girls on the bed as Mark fucks first Lynx, then Lucy, in missionary. Ben lies between the girls to get his cock licked, then Mark fucks the girls again.

While Lynx and Mark fuck in cowgirl on the bed, Lucy grabs Ben's cock and wanks it while he tries to film. Lucy offers her pussy to Ben, but as everybody knows Ben doesn't fuck on camera. Not until now he doesn't. Lucy pushes Ben onto his back on the bed and slips his cock into her. It's only a few strokes before she moves off and Ben comes. Mark then fucks Lynx up the bum, he has some difficulty as this could well be her first time, but Lucy has no such problems and fucks Mark while Lynx goes for a pee in the bathroom with Ben. When they return Lucy is coming with a vibrator clamped to her pussy amd Mark up her bum. Lynx gets the same treatment before Pascal suddenly arrives at the door and as soon as the introductions are complete he joins Mark in a DP for Lucy followed by one for Lynx. Scene ends with two shared facials.

Back at the Nottingham house Ben has brought Pascal and Tony and the film kit in the hope that Red will succumb. It doesn't take much to persuade Red out of her clothes and once down to her pants and boots she's gagging on Tony's length and spitting all over Pascal's cock. At this point Red abandons her plans to go to Australia and decides to become a porn star as the guys fuck her silly on a mattress on the floor. What follows is certainly the hardest Ben Dover action I have seen (and there's only three early scenes I've not). The fucking, licking, spitting, smacking and gagging must be at the R18 limit, but all done with a sense of general enjoyment. Needless to say there's anal and DP aplenty on the floor, stool and over the piano. The scenes ends with three consecutive facials. Brilliant.

There is five minutes of bonus material which features post coital scenes of Evie and Red pissing, the former in the bathroom and the latter down the stairs.

The menu also features a long and short version but since both access film that is just over three hours long regardless of selection I am confused. Either way a truly brilliant gonzo film from the established UK master. Buy it.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2005

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