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Released: 2005
Notes: Rude Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • Cum Shot Cuties 3
Notes and Reviews

For fans of Bukkake Man 1 and 2 this third feature is a bit of a change in direction. The well of wall to wall cum shots seems to have run dry and there's much more attention on the girls getting fucked. Indeed there are a couple of one-2-one straightforward fuck scenes.

But that's for later, the opening scene has newbie star Sadie-Jane getting gangbanged on the floor by a bunch of amateur guys. While she lies on her back wearing nothing but a pair of black boots, she's fucked and facialed in equal measure.

Meanwhile Kimberly and Jo/Joanna are entertaining other men. Jo/Joanna looks mighty fine in just black hold-ups and heels, while Kimberly in stockings and a little pink dress gets a proper fucking too. Facials and cumshots over Jo's belly, but the number of guys is unclear thanks to the editing and filming below the waist only.

The third scene starts with Jo/Joanna and Sarah on a bed together. While in 69 they are joined by an anonymous fully-dressed black guy who gropes the girls while Sarah slips a vibrating egg into Jo/Joanna's pussy. While in another 69 with Jo on top, the black guy slips his big cock into her in a sequence that lasts less than a minute but must have taken longer to film as the guy inexplicitly loses all his clothes by the end. A very poorly lit scene where almost all the real action is obscured.

The next sequence is a five minute scene where Kimberley and Jo kneel to suck a roomful of men with a few bukkakes before the girls pose for stills surrounded by naked men. This is followed by 3 minutes of Sonia and Dirty Angel sucking cock and getting joint facials, a brightly lit blonde gets a 60 second bukkake over her perky tits then an unknown brunette is gangbanged and bukkaked in a final 5 minute clip.

Upstairs in Calvin's bedroom Sadie-Jane (calling herself Jane) gets fucked by a guy called Paul whose head is clumsily obscured in post-production. Sadie-Jane is soon stripped to her black knee socks and given a proper seeing to on the bed. This is followed by her taking black Calvin on downstairs on his black leather sofa. Sex with a condom is in missionary, doggy, cowgirl and anal, which Sadie seems to enjoy, and ends with a facial. Unusually this is self-filmed by Calvin using a fixed camera, but it is well lit and big Calvin doesn't disappoint.

Then we're back to a bespectacled Sadie taking on Calvin and half a dozen black and white mates on a mattress on the floor. Quickly followed by another brunette on her back taking cock at both ends with great pleasure. This sequence features a dozen top class facials.

In the final scene Sadie gets to spend another 15 minutes of quality time alone with Calvin and his camera in his bedroom. More excellent fucking with condom which concludes with a modest cumshot over Sadie's tits and the film abruptly stops.

This clumsy film certainly has more cumshots than the average, but doesn't seem clear about its audience. At least in previous films even the most demanding bukkake fan could get a surfeit of cum. Here there is only one top bukkake scene featuring an attractive brunette getting service at both ends. Surely a crime not to credit this woman when Sonia and Dark Angel get top billing for a facial and just 150 seconds screen time. Dreadful lighting spoils other scenes. Good to see new girl Sadie getting pounded - especially if this was part of her first audition! - and Joanna in a rare but all too short bg scene.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2005

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