< Brit Pop: The Best of Ben Dover DVD available

Director: Steve Perry
Notes: VCA, compilation
Alternate Titles
  • The Best of Ben Dover
  • Filth Factory Brit Pop The Best of Ben Dover
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 230 mins.

The film appears to be VCA’s own US compilation of Ben's work dating between 1999 and 2001 and differs in content from the other compilations available. There appear to be a number of variations on the title including: The Best of Ben Dover, Filth Factory Brit Pop The Best of Ben Dover, Brit Pop The Best of Ben Dover. The latter being the most common.

The date VCA give this is 2001, however there is an excerpt from Royal Reamers 2 which wasn’t released until the following year. All a little confusing ...

The film contains 8 almost full scenes with only Ben’s pre-nookie chat-up being cut out. It also includes a scene by South African actress Bel (credited as Belle) from Booty Duty and the Czech girl Krystal de Boor (credited as Crystal) from Foxy Ladies.

If you have never seen a Ben Dover picture this is a good start, though with so many hours work in the can the debate is on about which scenes are his best. Finally this claims to be an "All Region" disk, but I could only get it to play on a multi-region player.

Information from Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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