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Notes: Big Top (probably originally Pleasure Video) compilation
  • Clyda Rosen includes Strange Customs aka Die Lollos
  • XNK0647 includes Strange Customs aka Die Lollos
  • XNK0648 includes Strange Customs aka Die Lollos
  • XNK0649 includes Strange Customs aka Die Lollos, may be same as XNK0647
Notes and Reviews

This Big Top collection contains a segment they call 'Strange Customs' which may be the loop listed as Die Lollos. This has a very similar scenario to the loop Duty Free.

Clyda Rosen returns to the UK and goes through Customs. She is doscovered to be wearing several watches on her wrist and is taken into another room. The male Customs officer cannot believe the size of her bust and demands to be convinced that it is real, in case it is hiding contraband. He is interrupted in this inspection by a female officer 'Miss. Durex', who sends him out of the room and proceeds with the body search. This becomes a lesbian scene, interrupted by the return of the male officer. Clyda dresses and goes back to the desk where the male officer chalks an X on her suitcase without examining its contents.

Clyda gets back to her flat where her boyfriend is wanking over a porn mag. She tells him she had no problems at Customs and opens her case to reveal that it is full of porn loops. They watch one of them while having sex on the bed. The loop shows two girls and a man having sex. The film ends with Clyda's discovery that the man in the loop is her boyfriend, a slightly different twist to the one in Duty Free, where it is the Customs officer who is discovered to be the stud.

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