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Released: 2005
Notes: Black Widow Media / MSS
Alternate Titles
  • Orgies R18 DVD available
  • UK Student House Orgies 1: Big Tit Orgies
Notes and Reviews

Down on the Chelsea embankment, Tony de Serghio and Mark Marais feel like some sex so they go on the pull. By the river Tony finds Tiffany and McKenzie and Mark invites Donna back to their flat (a recognisable location of several recent productions). The guys sort out some 'schoolgirl' attire before the girls arrive, which they are happy to wear. With little more ado the guys fuck the girls on the familiar cream seating units. Tony and Mark fuck all three girls in various positions and Tony gives Donna's arse a doggy pounding before shooting over her tits while Tiffany takes Mark's cum in her mouth.

Dr. Tony is at home in his vast loft apartment with girlfriend Nurse Avalon (blue uniform, fishnet tights). They talk about inviting some more of Avalon's nurse friends over for some fun and moments later Keira, Karla and Roxy arrive in their white uniforms. While Karla and Keira kiss, Avalon and Roxy start on Tony and soon the girls are naked, although Avalon and Roxy retain their black fishnet hold-ups. Tony fucks Avalon first in doggy then, as the girls kneel in a square facing each other, Tony works his way round the rest of the pussies. More permutations of girl-girl and girl-boy follow until all four girls sit on the sofa with their legs in the air and get fucked in line. The girls pair up doggy style as Tony fucks them two at a time and the scene ends with Tony cumming over Avalon's body.

Club owner Ian Tate is auditioning some dancers for his club. Tony calls round at Ian's house just as Angel, Evie and Lucy are ready to parade. It's a real hands-on test as Angel (in bra, knickers and feather boa) sits on Ian while Evie (crop top & white skirt) and Lucy (black undies) attack Tony. Both Evie and Lucy remove their knickers and sit on the guys' cocks in reverse cowgirl. Then it's pretty much a free for all as the girls skip from cock to cock as everyone fucks everyone else on the sofa. The three girls then lie alongside each other as first Ian then Tony spunks over Angel's body (which is eagerly licked off by the other girls).

Tony and Neil fancy an orgy. Tony calls DJ, then the guys head into town picking Kimberley up at a pub and Wendy at the station. Everyone assembles back at the house and start removing their clothes. Our three mature ladles look fine in stockings and suspenders for Wendy and basques and stockings for the other two. Kimberley guilds the lily with some white thigh boots. Wendy starts with Neil, but things soon swap around and its' DJ that takes him first in reverse cowgirl on one sofa while Tony fucks Kimberley doggystyle on the other. None of the girls miss out though, and each one gets fucked in several positions by both guys. Then, as Tony fucks DJ up the bum in missionary, Neil slips his cock up Wendy's arse doggystyle. Kimberley sits between the two arsefucking pairs waiting to deliver her party piece: taking both cocks in her pussy reverse cowgirl. Scene ends with a facial for Wendy from Tony while Neil cums over Kimberley's and DJ's tits.

Tony, Steve Hooper and Danny Boy are chilling in Danny's loft apartment. Danny has found three big-breasted girls, Kym, Claire and Jessica, who he brings to the apartment in just their underwear. The initial pairings are Tony with Claire, Steve with Kym and Danny with Jessica, as every girl gets pretty much naked and fucked cowgirl. The girls then line up on the sofa with their bums in the air and each guy slips his cock in a pussy (and when the music stops ...). Same procedure for reverse cowgirl and missionary. Finally each guy spunks into the face and boobs of the young lady of his choice.

Review by Bayleaf

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