< (Ben Dover) The XXX Factor 2: The Next Level R18 DVD available

Released: 2005
Director: Steve Perry
Alternate Titles
  • The XXX Factor 2: The Next Level
Notes and Reviews

What started out as a couple of quick slip-ins in XXX Factor 1 blossoms here into a whole new career as a veteran stud. No longer the director and camerman, here Ben plays hide the mushroom with all of his leading ladies.

Ben's new location is an extremely sparsely-furnished house in Nottingham, which supplied locations for Triple X one. Bubbly lapdancer Natalie arrives for 'her first' porn shoot on the recommendation of Julie (Red). She changes into a short apricot dress (as worn in 'Sex & Cocktails), flashes her white panties, then joins a naked Ben, a naked Pascal and a naked Tony James for sex. She expertly sucks all the cocks then takes on Tony and Pascal. Pausing only to pop to the bathroom for a pee, she returns in white panties to sit on Ben's cock. This is extraordinarily erotic as Natalie rubs her pussy up and down Ben's cock. She slips her pants off and continues to rub her lips against Ben, then, bold as you like, drops herself onto his whole length. And with that, Triple X reaches the next level. Full-on American strength porn with Natalie taking Pascal and Tony's cocks, including DP both ways round and her white panties pushed into here pussy while Pascal pounds. Amazing. Ends with three consecutive facials.

Scene two and it's like the 3 musketeers reformed, Ben, Marino and Pascal fool about by way of introduction. The guys want to know whether Miyah has the XXX factor and from the moment she enters, wearing black dress and fishnet tights, the answer is yes. There's a lot more chat on the sofa with Ben, as Miyah explains that she's a pole dancer from Sheffield before she starts her auditon by sucking Ben's cock. Stripped to just her tights, Marino & Pascal take Miyah to the bed in another part of the studio for some hard fucking. Back to the couch for double vaginal penetration in reverse cowgirl, then the action moves between the bed and the couch as Miyah squirts, is fucked up the arse, then DP both ways and finally three facials. Great girl with bags of personality.

Ben Dover meets Bev and Maddie Cocks on the quayside on a lovely day in Portsmouth. Bev explains that Maddie is her sister-in-law, they have been wanting to get it together (but decided to wait for Ben who'll pay them?). Back at Bev's the girls change into fresh bra, panties and stockings and get it on in a most pleasing way. Lots of sloppy licking and fingering before Bev fucks Maddie with a strap-on. Maddie then give's Bev's pussy a fearsome pounding with a double-ender which results in spectacular squirting. Maddie leaves the bedroom to shower, and Bev gives Ben's cock a suck, but this time she sticks her bum in the air and Ben slips his cock between her cheeks for 60 seconds of shagging followed by a blowjob.

Nicola arrives at Chez Dover for the customary pre sex chat, a mixture of fiction and fact. Nicola swaps her combat wear for a net t-shirt and denim shorts, stripping in the bedroom. Eventually, and after some dildo action, both Nicola and Ben are naked and Ben is getting his cock sucked when Mark Marais arrives. Nicola gives new meaning to the phrase "sopping wet" as Mark fucks her all over the place, then, as she's bent over a ladder in the lounge, Ben slips his cock in her pussy for a quick shag. More sex on the bed, including anal, with Mark followed by a couple of facials.

Lorna Lace arrives for her audition in denim skirt and white shirt. She removes her shirt and performs for the camera, then Pascal takes over and Lorna is on the couch, legs apart, with Pascal's face in her crotch. The action here is fast and furious as all three strip, then after she sucks Ben's cock, Pascal fucks her. Lorna's pussy is shared between Ben and Pascal's cocks. Then, while she is sitting on Pascal's cock in reverse cowgirl, Lorna's partner appears and adds his tool to her pussy. Anal and DP for Lorna from the boys, which ends with three facials.

The DVD menu offers two versions, the long and the short, but both clock in at 3hrs 16 minutes, absolutely fantastic value. Most scenes have extras, but these are generally less than 60 seconds of pissing except for Nicola who disengages from Mark, who has been fucking her up against a wall, lights a cigarette and chats about the relationship between art and pornography - stark naked.

Great stuff from the master. Miyah, Nicola, Lorna and Natalie have never looked hotter in any scene I've watched. Just how long the man with the greying hair and balding pate can keep this up I dunno, so catch it while you can.

Review by Bayleaf
November 2005

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