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Released: 2005
Notes: Rude Britannia
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Running time: 167 mins.

Bukkake Man's British Gangbangs has five girls in five long scenes being fucked and covered in protein by a motley crew of faceless men. The first two scenes were shot in the "Private" club in Birmingham, the other three appear to be house or studio based.

New girl Mercedes is standing in her short skirt and see through top outside what looks like a scrap yard, when she is picked up in an open-topped sports car and taken to the club. Nervously she enters the room and is surrounded by a good dozen guys with their cocks hanging out. Kneeling she tentatively takes a dick in her mouth as the men remove her turquoise bikini and finger her fanny. A little more confident she grabs a cock in each hand and slowly starts to wank as her pussy is eaten and before long her boobs are covered in cream. Moving onto all fours, Mercedes is taken doggy by a couple of the guys. She turns to be taken missionary by the remainder. A guy wanks over her feet as she is covered from head to toe in spunk.

Jess, with her bright red fringe of hair, is next in the club. From the way she swallows cock it's clear she has done this type of thing before. With a mouth full of dick she wanks away at another couple of guys whilst more paw at her pussy. A couple of cocks shower her face and she licks her lips and wipes her self clean and starts sucking again. The guys hammer away at her pussy, pulling out to pop their loads over her face. In the background a second girl is doing the same. The scene ends with Jess's face covered in white sticky goo.

Charlie, in her little black number, has turned up in search of spunk and hopes the guys lined up will produce the goods. With her tits hanging out of her dress she is presented with cock. Charlie's head yo-yos back and forward as she fills her mouth. She moves to the floor where there is a close up of her arse while she jerks a couple of guys off over her face. With spunk dripping out of her mouth the fucking starts. Charlie takes guy after guy, getting them to come over her face when they finish. Once they have all shot their loads Charlie cleans herself up and prepares for round two, a fresh batch of cocks to suck and fuck. The scene ends with her well and truly plastered.

In her black basque, Holly starts to suck on a group of pot bellied men. She works her way up the line a cock at a time, then moves her way back taking two at once in her mouth. The first guy cums on her nose, the rest follow covering her lips. She smiles as she licks off the jizz. The men get out their condoms and sheath their manhoods ready to shag. Holly mounts the men cowgirl, bouncing her bum on their balls, then filling her mouth with their cream till they are all exhausted. Having got through the first batch the 20-minute scene is repeated, this time with different guys, though this time she manages three in her mouth!!

Big-boobed Alexis, in her black top and fuchsia knickers, is playing with herself as she waits for the guys to turn up. Pulling down her panties she takes a rampant rabbit vibrator in both hands and pushes it deep into her pussy on full power. Now she is prepared for the men who turn up. One goes straight into her mouth as she tit fucks a second. With her pussy full of fingers Alexis gags and dribbles as her tonsils are fucked. She then opens her legs to be shafted. Moving onto all fours her tits wobble and sway as she is banged from behind. Alexis then mounts the guys reverse cowgirl. Her eyes watering, she gags again on the dicks and this time they flood her mouth and cover her tits in cum.

I have to admit seeing girls shagged by a pile of anonymous middle-aged men does little for me, even less so the way Bukkake Man's British Gangbangs has been presented. In order to hide the guys' identities "fuzzy" blocks are put over any identifiable feature, which means for most of the film part of the frame is obscured and at times it's the whole screen. The three girls in the "studio" based scenes (Holly, Charlie and Alexis) seemed to enjoy themselves and be in control, but poor Mercedes in the club appeared overwhelmed. If Bukkake is your thing and you can stand missing the action because of "fuzzy" boxes it's probably worth buying, but otherwise there are better films to spend your money on.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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