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Released: 2006
Director: Jade Marcela
Notes: Torrid / Defiance
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Running time: 160 mins.

Bottle Fed Babes features the Brits Estelle and Sahara along side a strange collection of six American girls including the slightly spotty and squeaky-voiced Jeanie Marie, the very noisy Mysti May and the big breasted Gianna, in six 25-minute-long scenes.

Estelle appears in the second scene, her blonde hair in bunches as she sucks on a dummy. Sasha joins her, pulling down her white frilly bra and playing with her tits. Estelle falls to her knees to replace the dummy with his cock. Screwing herself round on the floor, she ends between his legs as he hammers down to fuck her tonsils. Climbing onto the sofa, Estelle puts her head in Sasha'a lap. Holding her, he shoves his dick into her mouth. Her white knickers off, Estelle slips the saliva-covered shaft into her pussy. The two fall onto their sides to continue shagging spoons and her tits joggle with each thrust. Back on the floor, Estelle's boobs brush the carpet as she is taken doggy. The shagging ends with her feet on Sasha's shoulders as she is fucked missionary. About to cum, Estelle gives Sasha a baby bottle, he shoots his load inside it and she drinks.

The fifth scene sees Sahara with the slightly chunky Estella Leon, Anthony Hardwood providing the man meat. The girls grab his cock and start to suck. Estella gags as the cock enters her mouth, but Sahara has no such problems, sliding his length down her throat till her chin bangs against his balls. Dropping her fuchsia pink panties, Sahara mounts Anthony's cock and starts to ride. Estella climbs between the pair to lap juices off his shaft. The girls swap, Sahara sitting on Estella's face rubbing in her fanny while Anthony probes her pussy with his prick. The girls move through a variety of positions, Sahara taking the more active role as Estella watches and wanks. The scene ends, as do all the rest in the film, with Anthony cumming in a baby bottle and the girls feeding on it.

Bottle Fed Babes is a bit of a schizophrenic film, a couple of the scenes being quite decent and a couple very poor with wandering camera work, shots of feet and shouts from the director as to what to do. Then there is the subject matter - seeing busty heavily tattooed girls screaming and pretending to be teens did nothing for me. Give it a miss.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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