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Released: 2006
Director: Tommy Joe
Notes: American Hardcore
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Running time: 132 mins.

Bait and Tackle is not a film about angling, but about five girls who are fishing for cocks. Sahara is probably the only 'known' girl in this otherwise all-American rough-and-tumble film, with Kendra Allen and Bailey putting in their first ever screen appearances.

Lounging on a bench in a play park, Sahara soaks up the Californian sun as a camera watches her from a distance. She sets off for the car park and the camera follows. A guy calls her over and Sahara ends up in his car. The scene changes to a house. Sahara is thrown onto a sofa by two nude men. She slithers onto the floor and starts to suck as she's stripped. Opening her mouth wide, Sahara gets her cheek forced out by dick. Gurgling, she takes it down her throat. She bends forward and the soaking wet cock is crammed into her arse. Sahara's bum is spanked while she slobbers over the second guy. Sahara spits at the camera, then licks the lens. The guys smear her fanny fluid over her thighs. Sahara complains she wants to be fucked harder and pulling at her bum the boys hammer home. With a dick in her face one of the guys tries to back away. Sahara crawls over the floor after him, gagging as she goes. More bum bashing from the pair before Sahara takes both loads in her mouth. Frothing up the cum she drips it onto the camera.

I have to admit I found the opening of four of the scenes a little disturbing, rather like the police reconstruction of a stalker. As for the action - too much spitting for my tastes, the camera getting covered making it look as if you were watching through a rain spattered window. Sahara should also have done something about her footwear. Shagging in trainers is the most un-sexy sight. After four scenes of gobbing and rough stuff, the last section with giggly blonde Kendra Allen seemed strangely out of place. Bait and Tackle is not my cup of tea.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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