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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse, see also egafd
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Running time: 125 mins.

In their latest film, Anjali and DiSanto have invited five girls to take on the challenge that is the Shaft. Apart from Anjali, two established stars - Natalie Heck and Renee Richards - appear beside three new girls - Amanda, Iowana and Lilly - who have all moved to Britain from Eastern Europe to make movies.

The film starts with Amanda rolling around the bed in her red bra and panties. Her tits hang out as she plays with herself waiting for the Shaft to arrive. He enters and she spins, grabbing his mighty member and starts to tease him with her tongue. Amanda closes her big blue eyes as the Shaft rams his man meat into her mouth. Wanting to take him in her pussy. Amanda fills herself with lube and slowly slides down cowgirl. The pair twist over into missionary and continue to pump. Shaft leaves his condom in Amanda's cunt. She uses her fingers to fish it out and, with gooey lube oozing out her pussy, finishes being fucked. She enjoyed it, but now wants to taste Shaft's spunk. He fires over her face.

Anjali knows what she is letting herself in for as she enters Shaft's hotel bedroom in her fishnet "Lady Boss" outfit. Her tongue homes in on the head of his shaft and she slowly wanks the saliva-covered staff. Shaft spanks Anjali's arse as she drops her black knickers. Pulling her pussy open, she is ready for the 12 inches of manhood. Shaft lies back as Anjali impales her pussy and starts to ride. As the speed increases, her bum cheeks bang together. The pair shag spoons on the bed, then move to the mirrored wardrobes so Anjali can see what she is taking as she's fucked doggy. Shaft squirts over Anjali's pussy and she rubs in the jizz, slipping her fingers into her gaping fanny and wanking till she climaxes.

Dark-haired Iowana with her big blue eyes licks her luscious pink lips as she fingers herself. By the time the Shaft arrives her fingers are deep in her dripping wet fanny. Her jaw drops when she sees what is in store for her. Recovering, her tongue darts over the mighty rod and her hands massage his balls. Iowana lies on her side and lifts her leg as Shaft shoves in his cock, spoons. The initial shock turns into smiles of pleasure as he rhythmically pumps her pussy. Having had a sample of Mr Shaft, Iowana wants more, climbing onto his cock and riding reverse cowgirl. As she rolls over, her eyes twinkle as she's taken doggy style. Shaft pulls out to cum on her face.

Bubbly blonde Lilly covers her mouth with shock when Shaft reveals his erect tool, but she soon recovers to suck his member as if her life depended on it. After filling her cheeks her eyes bulge as she slides Shaft's rod gagging past her tonsils. Hitching up her leopard-print dress, Shaft slaps her arse. She drops her knickers and her V cut pubes point to where she wants Shaft's prick. The sofa rattles and shakes as Shaft thrusts home. Lilly screams as she bites her lip. The cries and shouts continue as the pair shag their way through various positions, Lilly being bounced of the sofa as she is bonked spoons. A long cowgirl session leaves Lilly out of breath and thirsty. What better to drink than a cock full of cream?

In a black leather top and mini skirt, Natalie Heck is desperate for cock of any size. She is over the moon when Shaft appears. She immediately wraps her lips around his rod as he plays with her tits. Licking the head is OK, but naughty Natalie wants to choke on man meat and Shaft is the man to provide it. Pulling her pink panties tight into her snatch, Natalie prods her pussy. DiSanto suggests her beautiful big boobs would be ideal for a tit fuck and she pushes them together as Shaft wanks off in her cleavage. Natalie gasps as Shaft enters her pussy. Her boobs joggle as she gently rocks his length into her hole. The two turn, Natalie grasping for Shaft's balls as she rides cowgirl. She hooks her legs round Shaft's hips and he stands, bouncing Natalie on his dick. The pair fall back to the sofa, her red swollen pussy lips gripping his staff. Pulling out he showers Natalie's face and leaves. She sits happy but sore.

Sexy Renee Richards is in her pin striped bra and mini. She has taken on some of the biggest in the business, but she is still surprised when she sees the size of Mr Shaft. It doesn't stop her from taking his cock gulping down her throat and flicking his dick out of her cheek. Renee prepares her pussy, fingering it vigorously as she gags on Shaft's staff. The saliva-covered rod is rammed into her pussy reverse cowgirl. Renee hammers her self down on Shaft's thighs, his balls banging against her clit as she rocks her self forward. Going onto all fours she shouts that she wants more as Shaft pounds her pussy doggy. Renee is more than a match for this 12 inches. After tasting her self there is more riding and missionary work for Renee. Shattered Shaft spunks in her mouth and, with hardly a hair out of place, Renee smiles and swallows.

Six good girls in six hot scenes with Shaft ... Renee and Natalie as well ... you can't go wrong? Mmm ... well yes. The film is well shot and nicely edited, but there is a problem with picture quality in a couple of the scenes making the fast action appear blurred ... pity, it's otherwise a good film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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