< (Ben Dover) We're 18! We're The A Teens! R18 DVD available

Released: 2006
Director: Steve Perry
Alternate Titles
  • The A-Teens on-screen title
  • We're 18! We're The A Teens!
Notes and Reviews

Elle's youthful look (she says she's 19) is enhanced by her hair arranged in bunches and short frilly pink socks in her trainers. The rest of her outfit is lost when Ben, Pascal and Tony (James) start waving their cocks in her face. The banter and foreplay last some 20 minutes before Tony fucks Elle from behind as he and Pascal have 10 minutes of fun. Ben then gets Elle to himself, as the other two film, opening her arse with a series of butt plugs which she licks. First Pascal then Tony fuck Elle's arse and then, amid much screaming, Elle is DP'd both ways. The scene ends with three cumloads in Elle's mouth, another thing she says she's never done before.

In a very florid hotel room, Autumn explains to Ben that Maxine is downstairs and wants to do a scene with him. Maxine is pregnant and allegedly a waitress in a café that Ben and Autumn have eaten in. Maxine undresses on the bed as Ben cops a feel of her body before shooting in her face. While Maxine cleans up with a towel she agrees to go back to London for a proper scene.

Pascal has returned from Belgium with a present for Ben, a girl from his home town (which sounds like Arse: cue much repeating and laughter). Cynthia is the girl and she has been waiting on the balcony of a fine docklands apartment overlooking the Dome. Cynthia doesn't speak any English (not here anyway), but simply strips for Ben, Pascal and Tony. Pauline is properly fucked by both Pascal and Tony on the sofa, moving on to athletic piledrivers on the carpet. Ben then opens Cynthia's tight arse with his tongue and fingers, then, with her panties stuffed into her pussy, Tony fucks her arse from behind. Pascal takes over and this leads to Cynthia taking both cocks at once both ways round. Finally Cynthia gets facials from Ben and Pascal while still riding Tony's cock, before Tony himself adds to the facial mess.

Next is Molly's first scene from Bummed Out in Britain where she joins Ben and Pascal in a hotel room where she is fucked all over the room before the guys spunk massively over her face.

Back in sunny Colliers Wood, Ben and Pascal are waiting for Michelle (Amber Leigh). She arrives wearing a short pink skirt and white t-shirt; her baseball cap and knickers match her skirt. Back at the studio her sporty kit doesn't stay on for long as Ben and Pascal start widening her pussy with their fingers. Amber demonstrates some messy and noisy deepthroating techniques before Pascal does her on the couch. Passing the camera to Pascal, Ben pushes Amber's knickers first into her pussy then into her mouth before fucking her missionary. Pascal returns, fucking Amber all over the studio. Pascal puts so much oil over Amber's bum and the sofa that they slide off the black plastic and have to move to a wicker job to do the deed. Anal in display positions with an added flourish as Amber's panties are tucked in her pussy again before both guys cover her face with spunk.

It's a lovely sunny day at Chez Dover when Maxine arrives full of energy. Ben gets her to undress in front of the huge patio doors before she says she need a pee, which Ben films in the bath, naturally. As Maxine wanders around the house naked, Ben introduces her surprise in the shapes of Pascal and Guy. Maxine sucks all three guys on the stairs, returning to the sitting room where a brass bed has pride of place. All three guys take a turn at fucking her on the bed and then, despite being so heavily pregnant, she is still fit for reverse cowgirl in heels. Both Pascal and Guy fuck her up the arse and the scene ends with three massive facials.

Finally we have Molly's second scene from Bummed out in Britain, where she returns to get fucked up the arse by Pascal. Molly is so cute and uncertain that it is hard to believe this is not her first time. By the time Pacal arrives to do the deed on the studio bed, Ben has got her stripped off and lubricated with his fingers. Scene ends with with Pascal cumming over her bum.

And as if nearly four hours of action isn't enough there's a bonus section which contains short clips from almost all the scenes that deserved more than the cutting room floor.

Once again Ben Dover/Steve Perry/Lindsay Honey shows why he's far and away the best director of gonzo in the country. His relaxed style never fails to keep everyone happy and fresh. Even when you know it's not a girl's first time you want to believe that it is - I have often seen Ben Dover 'firsts' after seeing a particular girl elsewhere. Maxine has been fucked on film all through her pregnancy and here she has no more than a month or so to go but it's definitely a case of 'best til last' as this scene is the best pregnant scene I have watched in a long long time. Fine performances from Cynthia, Elle and Amber all at their very dirtiest. Five stars.

Review by Bayleaf
January 2007

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