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Released: 2006 (DVD)
Director: Big Jim
Notes: Adult Made AM001, originally a TVX series
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Review copy courtesy Adultmade Films.

Adopt gravelly voice and mid-Atlantic accent: Keira is the Bitch Rider. Well actually a leather-clad despatch rider with an exceptionally filthy mouth and large sexual appetite. And to think I nearly creamed my teenage jeans at the thought of Marianne Faithfull as Girl on a Motorcycle. The production team here haven't wasted much time, no, strike that, any time, considering artistic merit and got on with filming a dirty fuck-film.

In the first scene, Donna is asleep in bed on her birthday. Keira wakes her to give her a birthday present: Mark Marais in his birthday suit with a red ribbon tied round his cock. While Mark joins Donna in bed, Keira strips from her leathers then jumps on the bed too. Obviously Mark is a present made for sharing. After some foreplay, both girls have their arses in the air and Mark's fore and middle fingers in their arses/cunts. The action is straight to anal (Keira's) in doggy, then reverse cowgirl for Donna, then a shared cumshot mainly over Donna's tits.

Keira, in full leathers, has managed to find the only non all-day bar in London and she reacts badly to being told by barmaid Suzie that she can't have a drink. Keira climbs over the bar and a three-way melee ensues with barman Ian Tate joining in. Eventually Ian agrees to give Keira a drink, which only serves to crank up her libido, so Ian and Suzie agree to fuck her if only to prevent further trouble. Keira loses her trousers and while Ian licks her pussy, Keira sits Suzie on the bar and pulls up her mini skirt revealing Suzie's luxuriant brown pubic bush. (In an aside to camera Keira approves and starts rug munching. If you approve so much, Keira, why not grow one yourself?). Ian gets the legendary Dirty Dog knob out and both girls feels the force - first Suzie sitting on the bar then Keira bending over it. Back on the bar, Suzie gets arse-fucked in reverse cowgirl, with Keira helping with the penetration. Then Keira takes Ian's cock in doggy with some atm from Suzie who finishes with a mouthful of cum which she spits over Keira's arse.

Returning home, Keira finds flatmate Miyah preparing for a romantic night in with boyfriend Danny Boy. Plans for their first fuck are wrecked when Keira feels Danny's length in his trousers and insists on a threesome. Keira removes her leathers revealing a red slip and thighboots while Miyah strips. Danny fucks both girls in cowgirl and doggy, then fucks the rampant Keira up the arse doggystlye with Miyah in close touch, ending with a facial and cum-swap.

Keira has a package for a strip club which, she discovers, contains 50g pure Columbian. In the club, Sahara is dancing for Mark Mason, but breaks off at the sight of Keira's package. Mark stays to watch as Sahara, in a short black dress, grinds her hips into Keira's lap. Both Keira and Sahara strip to their black undies and attack Mark's cock. Once again Keira gets first go and sits on Mark in reverse cowgirl, then Mark fucks Sahara in missionary on the table. Switching to doggy, Mark fucks first Keira's then Sahara's arses. Finishing with facial and cum-swap.

Despite an unprepossessing title this film is actually four bgg scenes with hardcore anal, atm and cumswapping and action well up with our American cousins. And with Marks Mason and Marais, Ian Tate and Danny Boy, no shortage of sizeable man meat to test out the classy female talent. A little English levity persists with Keira's regular asides to camera proving what a top quality, absolutely filthy performer she is (see the way she manages to make Miyah look demure). No extras, clocks in at just on 90 minutes, but still wholeheartedly recommended.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2006

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