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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
Notes and Reviews

Running time 134 mins.

For Baby Loves the Shaft 2, Anjali, DiSanto and the Killergram team introduce five girls more girls to the pleasure of 12 inches of Mr Shaft's manhood. Karla is a familiar face as is Sophie Dee, but this is the latter's first boy/girl in the UK. Ariana, Samantha and Sammy Jay have all appeared in other Killergram titles, but for them this is the big one.

The film starts with a pair of matching scenes. In the first Anjali, standing against a plain white wall, undoes her basque and slips her fingers into her black see-through knickers. Ariana Mistry is almost identically dressed in black. The pair are ready to take on 12 inches. The two take turns sucking the cock. Ariana rubs it up and down Anjali's cleavage. Ariana takes a back seat as Anjali drops her knickers to be taken from behind, every so often darting in to suck her nipples or lick her pussy. Rolling over, she is taken bareback missionary, Shaft thrusting his length deep into her pussy. Twisting and turning, the pair end on their sides shagging spoons. Pulling herself up, Anjali positions her pussy to impale it on the erect staff and ride him up to his balls. A little more doggy and Anjali gets her pussy spattered in cum. Ariana rubs it in.

In the second scene the black outfits have been exchanged for white and this time it's Ariana who is in the driving seat. Opening her mouth Ariana takes as much as she can down her throat. Anjali takes over the licking as Ariana drops her knickers. Bent over the bed, she gasps as her pussy is stretched open with cock. Anjali encourages her. With a huge length of man meat sliding between her legs and her pussy dripping, it doesn't take Ariana long to orgasm. Turning over she wants more. Mr Shaft slams into her tight wet hole and she is loving it. As he pulls out her pussy gapes. She lies on her side and it's soon stuffed again. She kneels with her mouth wide and Shaft cums on her tongue. Ariana licks her lips and smiles.

In a split-side top and white mini skirt, Karla is next for the Shaft treatment. She plays with her pussy to prepare it as she waits. Turning, she finds Mr Shaft only inches away form her face and, grabbing him, she crams her mouth full of cock and starts to gag. Strings of spit hang from Mr Shaft's dick as Karla slaps her face with it. Back past her tonsils her throat squelches on cock, his balls banging her chin. Karla wants the dick inside her and slams her body hard down on the staff. Removing her top she bounces up and down. Missionary and reverse cowgirl follow Karla riving at her clit as she is fucked. The scene ends with Karla filling her mouth with Mr Shaft's cream and blowing spunky bubbles which drip onto her tits.

Blonde Samantha Bond peels down her patterned black top and nervously plays with her tits. She is a little apprehensive about Mr Shaft's size. When he turns up he's twice the size of anything she has experienced before, but it doesn't stop her grabbing him with both hands and feeding him down her throat. Pushing her big boobs together, she gives him a tit wank then lies with her head on his stomach and her eyes half closed as she attempts to swallow more. Pulling on her pussy lips Samantha thinks she us ready and bends over to be taken doggy, her big boobs swinging freely. It's better than she thought as she positions her self to be bonked missionary, her juices are really flowing. A little more spoons action and Samantha's once tight hole is gaping. Mr Shaft jerks himself off over her face and tits.

In her black seamed stockings, Sammy Jay gives a little dance for the camera before pulling at her boobs through her sheer black top. Shaft arrives and she runs her pierced tongue over the head of his dick. Leaning forward she take it deep in her mouth as she fingers her smoothly-shaved snatch. Panties off, Sammy gently rocks back on his cock, slowly easing it into her pussy. As the speed builds up the sofa rattles. Sammy wants to try more positions, riding Shaft cowgirl. He spanks her arse. The two then fuck missionary. The scene ends with a facial.

The final girl is the new Welsh wonder Sophie Dee with her piercing blue eyes and stunning body. Up to now she has done nearly all her work in the States and so is used to the larger man, but is she prepared for Mr Shaft? He is bigger than anything she has seen and she is keen to try him out. DiSanto asks if she can do an American style slavering slobbering blow job. With saliva flowing she gags on his dick making her eyes water. Her bra removed, Sophie rubs the wet cock over her tits. Back in her mouth it basjes her tonsils. Peeling down her bright blue knickers, Sophie wants the prick in her pussy. Shaft pounds her missionary up to his balls. She sticks the cock back in her mouth to taste herself. Shaft fucks her throat making her eyes bulge. Mounting the 12 inches, Sophie rides till Shaft is ready to cum, she takes his load in her mouth and swallows.

With Anjali and five great girls I would normally say go out and buy this now ... But I'm afraid I can't. The girls are great, the action is hot and the camera work is fine...... Unfortunately Playhouse's digitisation is deplorable. When ever there is any fast movement the picture blurs and breaks up making viewing almost impossible, at first I thought my player had gone but I got the same results on a different machine!!! If this had been a low grade web download the quality would have been understandable but for a DVD it is totally unacceptable. One of Killergram's best films to date, spoilt.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle.

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