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Released: 2006
Director: Rock Charogne
Notes: Your Choice Productions
Notes and Reviews

Your Choice release this exclusive collection of scenes from BGAFD forumite regular Rock Charogne. From the girls featured I suspect that this production is made up of scenes filmed over the last year or two.

In the first scene Natalie is a secretary who is taken advantage of by the lascivious Tony James. Natalie's terrific boobs are flipped out of her shirt while she still sits at her desk, then she sucks Tony's cock. Once naked, Tony tit-fucks Nat, then undresses her to black hold-ups and fucks her lying across the desk. At this point the pair are disturbed by Justin. Tony continues to fuck Nat across the desk in missionary and doggie while Justin gets his cock sucked. Then the trio, for no apparent reason, move to the garden. Natalie is fucked by both guys in all positions on the lawn, including a piledriver from Tony. The scene ends with facials.

After an initial embrace with Chris, Wendy gives her pussy a hard workout with a vibrator in a lurid location which has purple walls and a zebra skin sofa. Wendy pulls up her dress over her stocking tops and gets fucked missionary. As Chris's cock moves to her arse, Wendy pushes the vibrator back into her pussy. Very quick reverse cowgirl anal (with vibe) and doggy, before reasonable facial.

On a bed (with white chiffon drapes) Ebony and Jayce Xaveri undress each other along with some deep snogging. After some cock sucking, Ebony mounts Jayce in reverse cowgirl, then the pair move to extended and athletic fucking in missionary before Jayce pulls out and deposits his load over Ebony's belly. Ebony's flawless black body is one of the best ever ever ever in Britporn, so it's nice to see more stuff being released after her retirement.

Lucky Jayce has taken Sam Bond for a ride on a narrow boat. Once below decks the pair undress and Sam sucks his cock as the banks of the canal slide past the window. Sex on the galley table and plenty of fucking Sam's glorious tits. Missionary on the table, reverse cowgirl on the bench seating and country views with some filming through the windows. Ends with decent facial.

The indefatigable Jayce is called upon again to put his cock up Alyssa. After some quick undressing the pair get down to business on a single bed. Missionary, doggie, spoons and cowgirl before Jayce kneels behind Alyssa and fucks her up the bum. Scene ends with decent facial.

Jayce is rested while Lorna and her hubby get down to business on a big double bed. Some delicate pussy licking and fingering starts the foreplay which includes extensive cock sucking, then more pussy licking as Lorna sits on her partner's face. Deep fucking in missionary and doggy and a brief bit of reverse cowgirl anal before Lorna's partner delivers a surprise cream pie up her arse, although the resulting gush of fluid is clearly, but only briefly, seen.

Jay Scarman has taken partner Chantelle Stevens for a day out in the country in his old Ford Sierra. Jay quickly leads Chantelle to a secluded clearing where he gets her tits and his cock out. Some nice deep cocksucking is followed by naked fucking on a blanket on the ground in doggy and mish. Emboldened, the camera follows the pair as they walk naked to the corner of a field of potatoes and more athletic fucking follows; doggy and anal sex in missionary. During the action a guy wanders past about 40 yards away, but this doesn't put the couple off their strokes. More great reverse cowgirl and fabulous doggie anal, then Chantelle magics a clear plastic dildo from nowhere for instant DP. Ends with great facial - then the director had an idea for a comedy moment as Jay and Chantelle return to collect their clothes from the first spot only to find their peeping tom has stolen their clothes and they leave the farmyard naked.

Wendy returns with Chris in a ten minute bonus scene obviously filmed at Whitetower Studio. Chris undresses and fucks Wendy, still wearing some black frillies but no panties, on the kitchen worktops. Once again she uses the pink vibe in her pussy as Chris fucks her up the bum, but no cumshot here.

Good set of scenes with familiar faces, pussies and cocks (both boys and girls) shagging each other. Well filmed with lots of different Essex locations make this a good film to watch and own. In fact the blatant exteriors probably means a non R18 release through YC is the only way Rock can get his stuff to an appreciative public. Enjoy.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2006

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