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Released: 2006
Notes: Porn Trash Productions
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Running time: 94 mins.

The cover and titles for this DVD tell you very little about the film, apart from 'Over 2 Hours', which is wrong - the running time is only just over 1½ hours. From the style it looks like a John Mason production or is very heavily influenced by his work. If it is John's work its understandable why he didn't want his name associated with the film.

Tilly appears in a mustard-coloured bedroom with stud John T. She is kneeling in a white net top and transparent skirt. Unzipping his pants, she sucks on his dick to get it hard. Then, lying back, she lets him run his tongue over her pussy. By the time the two move to 69 he has lost his wood. The rest of the scene, shot in total silence, is a battle with Tilly trying to keep John stiff enough to get a decent fuck. The pair run through the positions - missionary, doggy etc. - neither showing an ounce of pleasure till John cums on her tits.

Calvin is already stripped when Eliza grabs his cock firmly in her hand and pulls it towards her mouth. He slips his fingers into her turquoise knickers as her head bobs up and down on his shaft. Laying Eliza on the striped bedspread, he thrusts his big black cock deep into her pussy. Moaning, she throws her head back. Rolling onto her side, Eliza holds tight to a big red pillow and the bed rocks as she is taken spoons. Calvin flops onto his back for Eliza to ride. She starts reverse then spins herself round to face him. On all fours Calvin teases Eliza's clit with his cock. Getting her to pull on her bum cheeks he slowly enters her arse. It's not quite right; so Eliza tries reverse cowgirl, slowly sinking her way down his shaft ... maybe another day. The two finish doggy, Calvin firing his cream over her arse.

Tanned Debbie and Hayley sit either side of an anaemic-looking Kimberley in the hot Mediterranean sun. The three slowly strip out of their bathing costumes for some girl-on-girl fun. Nibbling at Hayley's nipples, Kimberley works her way down, ending between her legs with a mouth full of minge. Debbie plays with her pussy, getting it nice and wet. A handful of toys appear and Debbie dishes them out, sticking a pink vibrator in Kimberley's cunt as she wanks Hayley. The toying continues, the three stuffing their arses with plastic. Kimberley and Hayley kiss as Debbie stands astride them, wanking herself to orgasm.

The final scene uses the same bedroom as scene 1, Louise removes her red top and drops her denim skirt before bending over to suck at John T's cock. Lying back, she wraps her legs around his neck to be taken missionary. Much as in the first scene, John has problems keeping it up. The pair wriggle and manoeuvre round the bed, rucking up the bed linen and getting themselves caught up in the sheets as they try to maintain a position before he drops again. They try cowgirl, doggy and spoon in complete silence. Louise keeps staring at the cameraman as if to say there's nothing I can do about it. Finally she jerks him off into her mouth, coughing and spluttering she spits out the spunk as if it were off.

Of the four scenes in the film only the one with Eliza and Calvin is anyway decent - at least the two interacted. The three-way girl scene was passable but the two scenes with John T leave you (and presumably the girls) cold, with not a spark of anything between the participants ... in fact Tilly and Louise would have probably got more reaction from a vibrator. A poor film, leave it on the shelf.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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