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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
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Running time: 146 mins.

Director DiSanto and Anjali Kara introduce another gaggle of girls to the pleasures of Alonso Shaft's mighty 12 inch dick. These include Kiera, Renee Richards and Louise Parker. The fame of the faceless monster has also reached the States, with American actress Winter Peeks arriving to sample his size.

Sitting on a white sofa, Emma Louise plays with her tits as she talks to the camera. Lifting her short denim skirt, she shows her fishnet clad legs and smoothly shaven snatch which is aching for Mr Shaft. He appears at the end of the couch. Emma wraps her fingers round his girth and pops the head between her lips. It looks bigger in real life. Alonso strokes Emma's dark hair as she crams his cock down her throat, spit dripping from his balls. Moistening her pussy, she moans as the massive member slips between her thighs. Shaft pulls Emma up and places her cowgirl on his dick. She rolls over onto all fours, her face screwed up as she is entered doggy. The two fall onto their sides and end up fucking spoons before Emma takes his cum in her mouth.

Slipping out of her pink bra and knickers, Kiera stands in the bathroom with only a string of beads around her neck. Soaking in the water, she covers herself in soap and masturbates as Shaft enters. Kiera leans over the edge of the bath and slurps the cock down her throat. Bashing her boobs with his length, Kiera runs it over her body, then slips the prick back between her lips. Dried, the two move to the bedroom. Strings of spit fall from Kiera's mouth as she tongues Alonso's meat. She can't wait to stuff it into her pussy. Stretching herself open, Kiera slowly sinks down cowgirl. She stuffs two fingers into her arse as she rides him. The two flip over for some missionary work before Kiera licks her juices from the dick. Kiera wants more as she falls onto all fours. Alonso tugs at her necklace as he hammers home. Reverse riding is followed by more doggy action. Alonso eventually jerks his jizz onto Kiera's tongue. She likes Mr Shaft and wants one of her own.

Kneeling on the sofa, Sabrina (as Jane) flicks back her hair and flashes her leopard print panties. Undoing the halter on her dress, her breasts fall free. She pulls down her knickers and starts to wank. With her panties round her ankles, she turns to Mr Shaft and gives him a slobbering suck. Jane takes his wet balls in her mouth then probes her tonsils with his tool. Switching on a vibrator, Jane slides the buzzing tool into her pussy. Mr Shaft pulls it out and replaces it with cock. Mounting his member, Jane bangs down on his thighs cowgirl. She then falls forward, her boobs on the arm of the sofa, and waits to be taken from behind. With her dress bunched up round her waist she rides again, this time facing Alonso. The couple lie side by side as they shag spoons. Jane holds the vibe against her clit. Shaft pulls out and fires his load over Jane's face.

Licking her lips, Renee waggles her bum for the camera, her white lace panties pulled tight between her bum cheeks. Slipping in her hand, she plays with her clit as her knickers come down. She sits up and starts to swallow Mr Shaft. Saliva dribbles from her chin as the cock slides into her mouth. Lifting off her pale blue bra, Renee's head bobs on the dick. Alonso reaches down for her pussy. Sitting Shaft on the sofa, Renee gyrates and thrusts her hips as she works his length into her pussy. The two fall forward and continue doggy. Renee tries Alonso every which way she can - spoons, cowgirl, missionary - till he's ready to cum. Shaft sprays his spunk on Renee's tits. She scoops it up and licks her fingers.

The last girl to appear is Louise Parker. Confusingly, she's credited as Sabrina Lavelle. She lies back in her black top, her hand planted in her fuchsia pink panties, playing with her pussy. Anjali is on the other side of the room, sucking on Mr Shaft. Louise moves over to join her. The girls run their tongues up and down his dick. Anjali shoves the cock deep into her mouth. Louise then tries the same. The two take turns filling their throats. With her boobs out, Anjali lets Alonso finger fuck her. Louise watches and wanks. She steps in to sit on his dick and nibbles at Anjali's nipples as she's shagged. Stretched out on the sofa, Louise slips out of her top and bra while Shaft slides in and out of her pussy. Dropping on her hands and knees, Anjali is taken from behind. Louise licks the pair. Then it's her turn to be fucked spoons. With her pussy well pummelled, Louise brings herself to a climax as Shaft squirts his cream all over the girls' faces.

The settings and scenarios for the film may not be the most adventurous, but DiSanto and the team have done a very good job of capturing the raw energy and enthusiasm of the girls as they tackle the biggest boy in the business. Over the past year the production quality of Killergram has improved immensely and this busy company is turning out some top rated work. Baby Loves the Shaft III is among them. The only question is why do they count their films in Roman?

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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