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Released: 2006
Director: Bukkake Man
Notes: Rude Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • Cumshot Cuties 4
Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy Rude Britannia

Calvin and his Birmingham-based Bukkake team have been busy this month with another release, this time in the Cumshot Cuties series that seem to differ from the Gangbang series only in as much as Cuties is shot mainly at Calvin's gaff.

First for a semen soaking is young Lexi. Wearing a white lacy top and tartan skirt she perches on Calvin's sofa for a short interview before being led across the floor to a mattress, there to await half a dozen naked cocks for her to suck. Lexi looks only just 18 and, as she lies on her back taking one rubber clad cock after another and her pert breasts jiggling with every thrust, I was left to ponder the fact that she may be getting more cock in one afternoon than she has had in her entire life to date. Firm fucking is administered from the half dozen present in missionary and doggy, interspersed by the occasional decent facial.

Thirtysomething Jo-Jo, on the other hand, is already kneeling on the mattress with a cock in hand when the second scene opens. Legs apart and naked from the waist down - something I find personally very arousing - Jo-Jo has a body designed for the rigours to come, curvy but strongly-built. Jo-Jo accepts further cocks into her sucking-circle, pulling off her sheer top revealing full natural breasts. After giving all her cocks a lick she mounts the first in cowgirl giving excellent views of her buttocks and the cock entering her pussy. More slow and sensual fucking in missionary that suggests Jo-Jo could keep going for hours. Unfortunately the amateur cast is finding the pace trying and a cowgirl DP is abandoned as the guy on top can't keep wood.

A little r & r is needed, so the film cuts to Alex and Rochelle, a couple of forty year olds who are providing girl-girl entertainment on the floor mattress for the naked punters. In a minute or so the girls have their mouths full of cock, but Rochelle's tongue has done the job on Alex's pert breasts as her nipples stand to rigid attention. Both women wear black holdups and tight black tops with their tits free as the guys' hands roam all over their bodies and they service three cocks each (two hands and a mouth). Side by side, Alex and Rochelle are fucked doggy then missionary before we get three top facials delivered.

Cutting quickly back to Jo-Jo we find her getting a proper cowgirl DP followed by more action in missionary with Jo-Jo's legs spread wide as she's kept her black boots on. The guys start to cum over Jo-Jo's torso, face and tits, but there's still enough time for a swift spit-roast before the scene ends.

While the early scenes are a bit light on bukkake, concentrating as much on the gangbang element, Sarah eschews cock in her pussy and takes the hard lengths in her mouth and the white fluid over her face. Impressive climax as she takes five or six cocks-worth over her pretty face and big natural tits.

The final scene is curious: a crowd of fresh faces join Jo-Jo for a blitz of hand jobs and facials. Jessucker and Emma-Louise (who has featured in earlier scenes on the widescreen TV in a previous DVD release) join new girls Nell, Sadie, Sheena and Miss Thai. It all looks like a trailer for a much bigger scene to cum - at least that's what I'm hoping.

Recent bukkake releases from Calvin have suffered from dreadful camera work and appalling post production which have rendered most of the scenes unwatchable. Here, with more thought at the time of filming, the need to mask faces in post-production is vastly reduced, although what masking there is proves pretty arbitary and largely irrelevant.

No stars, but lovers of more mature women showing a level of stamina under serious cock attack most Premiership managers would die for, is a very pleasing sight. Bukkake diehards will rue the lack of cum, but I'm not complaining as these MILFs get gang banged.

Review by Bayleaf
June 2006

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