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Released: 2006
Director: Rock Charogne
Notes: Your Choice Productions
Notes and Reviews

Hard on the heels of Brit Chicks 1 comes volume 2, another collection of hardcore scenes from director Rock Charogne. Although the cast that Rock has assembled needs little direction as they are all experienced porn actors.

In the first scene, Rock has taken Donna Marie and Jay Scarman to the middle of a piece of East Anglian heathland and told them to get on with it. Donna's cerise dress is little more than a collection of straps revealing her tits and pussy as she sucks Jay's cock. But it's kept on for only a few minutes because both she and Jay are soon completely naked by the time she kneels before Jay for a tit-fuck. Donna climbs aboard in reverse cowgirl to slide up and down Jay's cock and they follow up with sex in most positions finishing with piledriver. Then Jay fucks Donna's arse in doggy, giving her a dildo to keep her pussy happy while they move back through the positions to cowgirl. In bright sunshine and visible for a mile in any direction, Jay produces a decent facial and the scene ends.

Alicia Rhodes seems firmly in control in the second scene as she strips her man while she sits on a sofa in her undies. After some mutual oral the pair move to the bedroom where, minus her knickers, Alicia mounts her man in cowgirl. The pair run through the positions until the scene ends with Alicia lying on her back getting a decent facial.

Rock has teamed Bev Cocks with Tony James in the third scene. The pair undress each other fairly quickly as they grope on the bed, moving on to mutual oral, a tit fuck and missionary fucking. There are few sites to match Beverley noisily taking a big cock in reverse cowgirl and Rock devotes the rest of the scene to Bev sliding on Tony's cock. Ends with facial.

Jayce Xaveri is supposedly ill and Chantelle is his nurse. Jayce is stark bollock naked on the bed when Chantelle arrives and he strips her to her white fishnets leaving her heels and cap on as he fucks her up the arse in spoons. The pair continue in cowgirl and doggy as Jayce swaps his cock between Chantelle's inviting orifices. Chantelle's unconventional treatment has put Jayce back on his feet as the pair move to the kitchen and Chantelle is bent over the cooker for a fucking. Moving to the lounge, Jayce gives Chantelle's bum a piledriver pumping before pulling out and coming over her face.

Only a pair of pale blue pants separates Ian Tate and Layla~Jade from complete nudity as they kneel on a bed. The pants soon go and the pair get down to some extended foreplay which includes the use of an empty bottle opening Layla's pussy. The fucking starts in doggy and moves to cowgirl and is generally less frantic than the previous scenes. Missionary and spoons ends in nice reverse cowgirl before Ian squirts one of his legendary loads into Layla's mouth. Not content just to swallow, Layla gargles on the fluid before allowing some to spill from her mouth.

Avalon, wearing just a black camisole top and boots, is entertaining two young men in her bedroom and no sooner have the guys got their trousers off than she is getting a spit roasting in doggy. Now everybody is naked, Avalon continues to suck the guys' cocks and continues to get fucked at both ends in all positions including piledriver. Finally, after a cowgirl DP, both guys come over Avalon's face.

The only scene where some narrative is developed begins with Wendy Taylor completely lost. She finds an apparently deserted military building, but upstairs there is a radio operator to give her directions. After showing her where to go on the A-Z he then gives her instructions to undress and, once naked, to suck his very big black cock. The pair clear some space on the radio bench to fuck as Wendy struggles to take his full length in missionary, then in cowgirl sitting on a chair. Wendy manages quite a bit up her bum too before taking a creaming over her lips.

Faye Rampton and Wendy appear in a bonus scene as, both naked, the girls put all kinds of objects up each other's pussies. Sweets, bottle, candles (lit as well) are tried in both orifices. Wendy checks out Faye's pussy muscles with an empty bottle then tries to get her to write her name with a pen pushed in her pussy. In the garden sunshine the girls fill their pussies with strings of love beads to close.

Good collection of scenes, which I suspect have been filmed over a fairly long period of time (do they still sell FCUK alcoholic drinks?). All round professional performances from all the cast. Good film.

Review by Bayleaf
July 2006

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