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Released: 2006
Notes: New Machine compilation
  • Layla~Jade scene from Babes in Pornland : British Babes
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 171 mins.

Big Tits Tight Slits 5 is a compilation which raids the vaults on the American 'Up and Coming' series for three of the scenes and Puritan Video for the other three.

The 4th scene in the film features Layla~Jade and is taken from Babes in Pornland: British Babes. Removing her cream top and peeling down her black shorts, Layla~Jade reveals her pubes neatly trimmed into a heart shape. Sitting, she sucks on her tits as her hands explore her body. A cock appears and Layla~Jade wraps her fingers round the base of the shaft and swallows, her bright red lips coming to rest against the guy's balls. Lying on her back, the guy teases her clit then thrusts his cock deep in her pussy, Layla~Jade's tits joggle with each stroke. Kneeling, she strokes herself as she is fucked from behind, Layla~Jade wants more control and mounts the guy reverse. After her pussy has been pumped she guides the dick up her arse. Falling onto their sides the two finish spoons, Layla~Jade's bum gaping. She wants his spunk on her face and he obliges.

For a compilation the film is unevenly balanced, the first scene with Taylor St Claire lasting almost 45 minutes and the next two with Jeannae and Nikki Andrerson almost as long. The scenes with Layla~Jade, Sophie Evens and Nikki Blonde being relatively short which is a pity as these were better shot and lit. If you only want the film for Layla~Jade's appearance I would suggest you get the original Babes in Pornland: British Babes - you get a lot more Brits for you pound.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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