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Released: 2004 (2006 for DVD)
Director: Conrad Son & Deano la Moox
Notes: Spice Studios
Alternate Titles
  • Dirty Rich Bitches R18 Adult Channel
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 115 mins.

Originally shot in 2004, Spice Studios have just released the six-scene British Rich Bitches where eight hot girls from the UK and the European Claudia Clair are up for some posh bonking. The film is packed full of luxurious mansions, limos, helicopters, open-top sports cars and open topped girls who are just waiting to be fucked.

Taylor turns up for her tennis lesson in her sleek sports car. On court, Pete le Meat is practicing his swing. She watches him through the green link fence then enters. Convinced that her racket hold is wrong, Pete offers to help. Taylor has no problems with her grip on his shaft. Her knickers off, she kneels to service his balls. His spit-covered cock is hidden in her cleavage. Lying on the court, the pair 69. Taylor moves her self round and slips down his manhood and, legs wide, she rocks on his stomach. After spreading out a towel, the two shag spoons. Taylor pushes herself onto all fours to be taken doggy. Easing open her cheeks, Pete works his meat into Taylor's arse. Finally she turns to catch his cum on her tongue.

In a long black evening dress, Elizabeth is looking around a new mansion with the estate agent. She is keen to see the bedrooms but is diverted to the patio. Sitting in the sun, Elizabeth unzips his pants to see what else can tempt her. Wrapping her lips around his dick her head bobs under the table. The two head back inside. Kicking off her high heels, Elizabeth lounges in a large chair and the guy works his way up her stocking-clad legs to her pussy. She wants more from him as he fingers and tongues her clit. Stripped, she sits on the estate agent's dick, twisting her body so that he can suck on her tits. Moving, he drives deep into her pussy. Then Elizabeth rolls over to be taken up the arse from behind. Tugging hard at his dick, Elizabeth feels the warm cum on her face.

Flying along in her private helicopter, Laura lifts out her tits and squeezes on her nipples. Her hand slides into her jeans. Her belt undone, the trousers are down and she strokes her shaven snatch. Moistening her fingers, she pops them into her pussy. The pilot adjusts his joystick. Opening her bag, Laura takes out some white stockings and slowly pulls them up her legs. Her sexy high heels are next, followed by blue knickers aand a white skirt. By the time the chopper lands she is fully dressed. Laura dives across the runway into a limo where Amelia is waiting for her, dressed in a black basque. Whisked off at high speed, Laura opens her legs to be finger fucked and Amelia drops to the floor of the car to lap at her pussy. With their boobs out, the girls kiss and press them together. Laura reaches for a glass dildo which she uses on Amelia, then, having seen her quiver with pleasure, she uses the toy on herself. After kissing, the girls sit back and sip bubbly.

The door of a swish sports car swings open and a pair of long stocking-clad legs swing out. Suzie enters her apartment followed by servant Tony, his arms full of shopping. Heading for the bathroom, Suzie wants to try on her new black lingerie and orders Tony to undress her. He does as he's told, peeling down her stockings and replacing them with new ones. Sitting on the edge of the bath, Suzie lifts her skirt to attach the suspenders. Tony is told to lick her pierced clit and she holds his head between her thighs as he licks. Noticing movement in the front of Tony's pants, Suzie unzips them and her cheeks bulge as she fills her face with cock. The two make their way to the bedroom. Kneeling, Suzie wants his prick in her pussy. She slithers down his dick, screaming and shouting. Tony puts Suzie on her back to fuck her missionary and her pert tits jiggle as he bangs away. Smiling, Suzie takes Tony's cream over her face.

Claudia is sitting in the garden when she gets a call from Pascal. He wants her to think of him and caress her body. Moments later he appears and Claudia is hot and ready for him. Lifting her orange top, he plays with her breasts, then his hand pulls her red knickers to one side. Claudia is ready for cock. She bites the bulge in Pascal's trousers, his prick is pushed down her throat, her tongue flicks at his balls. With her leg stretched out along the wall, Pascal uses his mouth on her minge. When nice and wet, Claudia mounts his cock. With the flowers wafting in the breeze, Claudia lowers herself back till she is almost lying on Pascal's legs. Bending over she is taken from behind. Claudia crouches as Pascal jerks his jizz over her cheeks.

In the back of her chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce, Iyesha plays with her pussy surrounded by acres of sumptuous leather. She meets up with Evie at Keira's place to discuss fashion. Champagne in hand, the girls head for Keira's private cinema to view film from the catwalk, but the wrong spool is mounted and the three end watching porn. Evie is disgusted and heads for the bar, but Iyesha gets excited and starts to masturbate. Apologising, Keira summons in the staff to find what has been going on. The girls soon forget when they get their mouths filled with man meat. Splayed out on the pool table, Iyesha has her pussy licked while Evie is on all fours being shagged doggy-style. Keira reclines across a chair to be bonked. Climbing onto the pool table, Iyesha rides one of the guys while Keira takes a cock at each end. The guys line up as the three girls kneel. All three end with facials.

Hot action and luxurious settings, British Rich Bitches mixes American production standards with great British girls to produce a first-rate film. It's interesting to see behind the scenes clips from scenes not in the film and the title is given as British Rich Bitches 1, suggesting more on the way. Let's hope so. If you get a chance to see it, the film is well worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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