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Released: 2006
Director: Evil Genius (John Mason and 'Tony Goodfellow'?)
Notes: Rude Britannia/ Big Ben Film Co.
Alternate Titles
  • Croydon Crumpet Special
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 117 mins.

A11 five scenes in Croyden Crumpet are shot in the same room, in the same bed, with only the couples and the cover changing. Of the girls only blonde Pole Mika (Dominique) and Louise have done other work, Lucy and Samantha are 'homely' next door neighbour types and tattooed Angel is young and smart.

Samantha kneels on the bed with Winston. He undoes her denim skirt and slips off her blouse to reveal her erect nipples. She sucks at them. Samantha leans forward to slide Winston's cock down her throat. She turns onto her back and runs a vibrator between her legs, easing it into her pussy. It hums away in her hole. Winston laps at her pussy lips as he shoves the vibe up Samantha's arse. then he pulls it out and starts to fuck her missionary, making the bed wobble. The phone rings as the two move into doggy. Samantha than hammers down onto his dick as she rides. With some strange sound effects during the edit, Samantha tastes herself before spreading her legs wide to have her cunt filled. The scene ends with Winston dropping his load on Samantha's face.

In a red teddy top and matching knickers, Louise is next up with Johnny Rebel. He quickly strips her, lapping at her tits, and his hands explore the rest of her body. Louise takes his cock in her hand and runs her tongue over the head before sticking it in her mouth. Johnny moves down her body, licking at her pierced clit. He finger fucks her then turns onto his back and invites Louise to mount his dick. Louise moans as Johnny's thighs slap against her buttocks as he thrusts upward. Bending over the edge of the bed, she is shagged doggy, Johnny using his finger in her arse as they bonk. Holding Johnny's balls, Louise fills her face with cock. Johnny manoeuvres between her legs to get at her fanny. A little more reverse cowgirl action from Louise - she pulls at herself as she is fucked and Johnny wanks his spunk onto her tongue. She spreads it over her lips.

Blonde 27-year-old Lucy has always wanted to appear in a film. She drops her fur coat and lifts a large breast to suck at her nipples. A very noisy vibrator is popped into her pussy while she waits for a guy. As the camera draws back, Lucy's mottled legs come into view. Graham arrives flaccid, Lucy's mouth works wonders and he is soon ready for action. The two 69, Lucy's pendulous boobs swaying as she swallows. The two run through various positions, cowgirl, doggy and spoons. As they are shagging a face appears at the glass window in the door. Crouched over Graham, Lucy gives him a good long blow job then gets him to bang his cock deep into her cunt.

Angel removes her black top and bra to squeeze her big tits together. Her black skirt and knickers go and she pulls and plays with her pussy. Reaching out, she grabs a dildo, but before getting a chance to use it Chris appears. Why have plastic when prick is available? Her tongue darts over his dick and it disappears into her mouth. Getting Chris onto his back, Angel slides herself down his cock to ride him cowgirl. He chews at her tits as they fuck and her hand reaches to stroke his balls. The two swap positions. Angel spreads her legs to be shagged and the bed shakes violently. On all fours, Angel gets her pussy filled from behind. She massages Chris's balls as he shoots his cream over her face and tits.

Mika (as Dominique) is easily the best known of the girls in the film. It's therefore a little disappointing that her scene is technically the weakest. Peeling off her blue top and white bra, a guy laps at her tits. She removes his shirt and starts to bite his chest. Lifting her pink skirt, the guy fingers Dominique's pussy through her white knickers. He bends to kiss her cunt. Dominique's head bobs up and down on his cock, but the camera focus and contrast wander as she sucks. After a little mutual masturbation, Dominique lies to be taken missionary. The two twist into spoons, her body jolting as cock is thrust into her pussy. She smiles as the guy fingers her gaping pussy then she mounts him cowgirl. A quick taste of the prick and the session ends doggy, the guy releasing his spunk over Dominique's back.

Samantha and Lucy are no raving beauties, but they both put up good honest performances, though let's hope next time Lucy appears she does something about the scars and scabs on her shins. Louise and Angel both had a bit more go about them - possible stars in the making. Dominique's experience in front of the lens was obvious. It's a pity her scene suffered from inconsistency in brightness and contrast. The film is OK, but for a set-based production the technical gremlins should have been sorted out. Watchable.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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