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Released: 2006
Director: John Mason, as Johnny Rebel, and "Tony Goodfellow"
Notes: Rude Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • Bored British Housewives Desperate for Sex
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 89 mins.

Review copy courtesy of Rude Britannia

So what you need to ask yourself is, do I like to watch mature women who really enjoy sex get a damn good shagging? Answer no and this film won't appeal; answer yes and twenty quid from this week's paypacket should be sent immediately to your DVD dealer.

Despite a fairly lengthy career, Anne France appearances were destined to either be on Viewers' wives or not at all, forever remaining in the amateur cameraman's album. Recently she's been given some proper studs to work with and she's delivered some blistering performances - like here.

Anne plays a frustrated housewife whose husband is allegedly watching TV footy, so she gives Tony and Richard (credited here as Vinny) a call. After a bit of groping in her garden, Anne takes them to the spare bedroom where she strips to her black hold ups and fucks them. After taking both guys in most positions, Tony fucks her up the bum in doggy, which includes ATm, then Anne takes both guys together in cowgirl DP. Scene ends with a double facial which Anne takes in her mouth.

Linda is our second housewife who's alone at home and feeling horny, so she puts a call through to the agency and Richard and Tony are soon at her front door. Linda is prepared when the guys arrive, wearing just a pink t-shirt, short denim skirt and no underwear, so while Tony removes her top, Richard's fingers are already in her pussy. Linda demands cock which Tony provides first in doggy followed by Richard, as Linda is fucked in all positions on her sofa. Linda keeps her skirt wrapped around her middle and a cock in her pussy and mouth pretty much all the time, until the guys pull off their condoms and shoot over her face.

Donna is the next desperate housewife and Tony James is just the man to satisfy her. Once taken into Donna's lounge, Tony wastes no time in getting down to her stockings and suspenders. While bouncing on Tony's cock, Donna's (real life) hubby Richard returns home. "Why don't you join us" gasps Donna, which he does and Donna is spit roasted, analised, DP'd and facialised without further ado.

Finally Chrissy, a strong blonde with a well toned muscular body and generous fake tits, is finding her dildo isn't providing satisfaction. So, lying naked on her bed, she phones the guys. Richard and Tony are round in no more than an ugly cut, although Chrissy has taken the trouble to put on some black stockings and suspenders on for them. The sex here is both physical and, it seems for Chrissy, very satisfying as her skin flushes. The guys' condom sheathed cocks pound away in all positions finishing with a cowgirl DP and a double facial. Great stuff.

Everyone in this film is obviously having a great time and the sexual experience of all the performers shines through. Which is not always the case with the technical side but hey, with action of this quality it's acceptable. These housewives may be desperate, but on this showing they'll never be without for long.

Review by Bayleaf
November 2006

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

The girls in this film aren't stunning 'stick' models with silicon boobs, but the type of woman whom you may see on the bus or standing in the queue in the supermarket - attractive, mature and hungry for sex.

Blonde Anne is in the garden dressed in black and red lingerie. Opening the back gate she lets in Tony and Vinny. The boys take out her tits and start sucking. The three head for the house out of view of the neighbours. When she is stripped to her stockings, Tony tongues her pierced clit as Anne fills her face with Vinny's cock. She slips her fingers into her fanny and they emerge soaking wet. She grabs both cocks in her damp hands and crams them in her mouth. Tony takes her doggy. Then she turns over so Vinny can stuff her pussy. Riding reverse, Anne swallows cock. The guys swap places to fuck her missionary. With Tony up her bum, Anne lets out a cross between a laugh and a cry as she climaxes. She blushes a rosy red. Wanting the two to continue, Anne gets both holes filled. The boys pull out and jerk off over her face and tits.

Linda is in the study looking for something to do. She phones for Tony and Vinny to pop round. Sitting on the sofa her denim skirt rides up - her knickers are off ready for the pair. Vinny moves between her legs and starts to lick while Tony slips off her pink top. Linda likes fingers in her fanny, but she'd prefer cock. Tony obliges as she goes down on all fours. Vinny rolls on a rubber and lies back. Linda plonks her pussy on his prick, then she falls to her side to suck at Tony. The three run through a medley of positions with each guy taking an equal turn in shagging. The boys end by wanking over Linda's tits.

Tony calls round to see dark-haired Donna. It doesn't take him long to wrap his lips round her nipples. Standing, Donna drops her black skirt and red knickers so Tony can lap at her pussy. Then he jabs in his fingers. Donna notices the bulge in Tony's trousers and takes it in her mouth. Her head bobs back and forth on the shaft. Legs astride Tony, Donna sinks his cock into her pussy and he reaches round to play with her tits as she bounces. Husband Vinny walks in on the pair, but rather than get angry he strips and joins in. With Tony's dick in her mouth, Vinny bangs away at her pussy. Donna climbs onto Tony's manhood cowgirl and leans forward to let Vinny pop his prick in her arse. The scene ends with Donna between the two, jerking their cocks over her tongue.

Busty blonde Chrissy lounges on the bed, a black dildo planted in her pussy. She pulls and twists the toy but it's not good enough. She phones the duo and they are round in a flash, but she's still had time to pull on her stockings and suspenders. Tony plays with her blonde hair as her lips engulf his cock. She turns her attention to Vinny, filling her mouth while Tony hammers his cock in her hole. Still on all fours, Vinny prefers the slower approach with forceful deep lunges between Chrissy's legs. The three move to the bed. Chrissy's legs are held high as Tony bangs home and her boobs wobble and judder. The boys change ends, Vinny licking the juice from her fanny before entering. With Chrissy back on all fours, Tony slips his dick into her arse, making her pussy lips quiver. Chrissy ends having both holes filled together, then coating her face with cream.

The film shows that 'more mature' women certainly know how to have a good time with two cocks, and their experience shows. It's therefore a pity their performances were not matched by the technical production, with poor angles and awkward silences at the end of scenes. I also have to comment on the boys. Tony worked his socks off and appeared to have a great rapport with the girls. The jury is still out on Vinny. He did what was required, but little more. Even with the grumbles this is still a nice little film, with hot and dirty older 'girls'.

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