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Director: Gazzman, Steven Angelo, Tanya Hyde
Notes: Harmony, compilation
Notes and Reviews

Double DVD compilation of some excellent scenes from recent Harmony releases. Refer to other BGAFD reviews for full details of the action. Each girl's section is accessed from the main menu and contains the scene, backstage action and a trailer for a main feature (although not always the parent of the clip).

Disc One

Isabel Ice takes on two guys with some hard fucking, including double anal and a (candle) waxing, from The Couch. Includes trailer from The Couch.

Franki gets fucked up the bum on a sunlounger in a scene from Dora Ventner's Fuck me. Includes trailer for Backstage: The Movie.

Poppy Morgan takes a shine to a decorator stripped to the waist and gives him a sexy show. Easy because she's wearing just a bra, stockings and suspenders. Poppy uses her fingers to open her throat and strokes her pussy while the guy watches. Then she takes his full length noisily down her throat. Falling to the floor, then on a table, Poppy sucks the guy to completion in an impressive display. Taken from Slam It! In Rough. Includes trailer for Slam It! In a Stranger.

Suzie Best takes on the big cocks of Olivier Sanchez and Ian Tait, getting all her holes filled to capacity in this scene from The Couch. Includes trailer for The Academy.

Alicia Rhodes takes on three leather-bound guys in a deserted swimming pool in a scene from Cabaret Bizarre. Includes trailer for Sex Club.

Disc Two

Mckenzie Lee wanders along the rocky coast in this scene from Slam It! In Rough. Dressed in a tiny pleated skirt and bikini top, she discovers Tony de Serghio and Marco Banderas sunning themselves. Immediately the guys trunks are off and their cocks are in her mouth. Prolonged cock sucking is followed by some frantic arse fucking doggy style from Tony. Then both cocks are in McKenzie's face for a double facial. Shot, presumably, in the California sun with great light, this may be edited down from the original Slam It! In Rough scene, but it's not very good or engaging. Even more so because McKenzie is blonde, with harsh green eye makeup, and it's shot almost entirely in close-up so we get very little of her great body. In fact, she's barely recognisable. Poor by Harmony standards. Includes trailer for Slam It! In a Stranger.

Roxy Jezel takes on Marco Banderas, Jazz Douro, Brandon Iron and Tony DeSerghio, in a scene from Roxy Jezel's Fuck Me. She starts by working down a line of massive erect cocks with her mouth. Roxy wears only a beaded bra, stockings and suspenders, which provides easy access to her pussy and arse as the four big guys hoist little Roxy onto their cocks. Almost every position is performed, including standing reverse cowgirl, before Roxy gets her face and bum smothered in cum from the four cocks. Scene from a Slam It! title - possibly Deeper, Rough or Tight. Includes trailer for the Hacienda.

Donna Marie, in black rubber, gets fucked by Ian Tait along with Keira Pharrell in the scene from Cabaret Bizarre. Includes Sex Club trailer.

Keira Pharrell and Roxanne Coxx, in white rubber-clad suits, get fucked by Ian Tait in the dentist's chair scene from Orgazm Addictz. Includes trailer for Backstage the Movie.

Ashley Long gets fucked pool side by Mick Blue in the scene from Belladonna's Fuck Me. Includes trailer for Dora Venter's Fuck Me.

Isabel Ice in a scene from The Couch. Hardly recognisable with her hair in a fringe, Isabel Ice is first on the couch. She reveals her secret... In a large candlelit room, two guys approach a box with their cocks out and open it. Isabel lies inside in a short pink dress and blue sandals. Sitting up, she grabs the boys in turn, taking their cocks into her mouth and only stopping when she reaches their balls. After sucking the dicks singly, she forces both in her mouth at the same time. Kneeling on the top of the box, Isabel has her bum spanked. Rosy finger marks appear on her buttocks as she slurps and sucks. A cock is thrust into her pussy and she is spit-roasted. The boys change places. This time it's her arse that gets a pounding, leaving it gaping. Placed on the floor, Isabel pushes herself onto her shoulders to be pile driven. Stretched open with four fingers, Isabel gets both the boys up her bum. A candle is grabbed and hot wax is poured over her body. It solidifies into long thin rivers which flake off as she is fucked. When she's back in the box, the two jerk off over her, spraying Isabel's body in spunk. Then they close the lid and leave.

Poppy Morgan from Slam It! In Rough. Includes trailer for Slam It! In a Stranger.

Frankie's leaning forward over a swinging lounger. She hikes up her denim mini skirt and slips a finger into her bum. Pulling her cheeks apart, the dark haired beauty wants her arse filled with cock. Licking her bright red lips, she moans as a guy enters her from behind and the lounger gently rocks as he thrusts in deeply. Turning, Frankie sucks the dick, then bends back over. She squeezes her erect nipples as both her holes get plugged. Stripped, Frankie lies with her legs stretched wide and the lounger swings as the guy pounds away. Frankie swallows his cock, her nose pressed hard against his belly. The spit covered dick is rammed back in her bum, doggy. Positioning herself on the grass, Frankie is pile driven with the guy hammering away at her arse. He shudders as he fires his cum up her bum. Frankie scoops it up with her fingers and licks.


Suzie Best scene from The Couch - Dora talks to her next client, Mark Sloan. However, it's not him who has the problem but his wife Suzie. She wants to be shagged by two cocks and it makes him feel inadequate. In her sexy red lingerie, Suzie whispers into Olivier's ear that she wants two cocks. Aroused by her words, he sets about exploring her fanny with his fingers. In a green leather chair opposite, Ian Tait just stares. Suzie peels off her bra so Olivier can chew on her nipples. It makes them hard and erect. She is attracted by the bulge in Ian's pants and moves over to him. She releases his cock and runs her tongue over its length. Suzie's head bobs back and forth as she swallows the boys. She forces both cocks in her mouth together. Holding herself above Ian, Suzie slowly sinks his shaft in her arse as she sucks at Olivier. Driving at her pussy, she's ready for more. She groans as she is double-stuffed and the two rhythmically shag her. Finally, the boys spray her arse and pussy with spunk. Suzie rubs it in.

Alicia Rhodes scene from Cabaret Bizarre - In black latex dress, stockings and a large hat, Alicia enters a large empty swimming pool where she finds 3 hooded, leather-bound guys. One is suspended upside down by his feet. She immediately goes over to him and takes his cock in her mouth. Letting the guy down, she sits on his face. While the other two watch and wank, Alicia leans forwards and swallows him up to his balls. Lying on a table, Alicia is ready for the three of them. She sucks their cocks as they stuff her pussy and bum with toys. Then, with her holes gaping, they fill Alicia with fingers and dicks. As she wanks one guy off, the second cums over her bum and the last fires his load into her mouth. Alicia's training session is over.

Trailers for The Couch, The Academy, Slam It! In a Stranger, Backstage the Movie and Sex Club.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2008

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