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Released: 2006
Director: Sandie Caine
Notes: Sandie Caine Productions / Wrist Action Entertainment
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Sandy Caine continues her quest to become Britain's Queen of Bukkake with this latest release on her Candy Caine label.

Now the first scene features Emma Louise. Dear sweet Emma Louise, who has been getting herself shagged on camera for the past four years and was perfectly happy to flash her bits to passers-by at the Adult Film Awards. So why oh why, when sitting next to a dodgy-looking guy called Tony ahead of her bukkake scene, does Sandie ask "Are you nervous?". Apparently Tony has invited some mates round and Emma soon has four or five naked cocks, including Tony's, to choose from. Emma takes a load from all the guys present, ending up in just her pants, covered in spunk and hanging on to a chrome pole (in Tony's front room? What sort of a fellow is he?).

Rachel and Caitlin introduce themselves to Sandy in a hotel room. 18 year old Rachel exposes her generous boobs, which Caitlin squeezes, but otherwise keeps in schoolgirl character by keeping her white shirt and skirt on. Caitlin strips, exposing her holiday tan, as a string of guys emerge from the bathroom to spunk over the girls' faces one at a time.

Another bedroom and this time it is the battle of the giants with Anabel and Marie getting together and taking on a few blokes. The dress code is short black nighties and stockings for the girls, black masks for the guys. The girls take on the guys a few at a time and when they've spunked over (mainly) tits they are replaced by fresh recruits.

Finally Sandie has a couple of thirtysomething Coventry lasses down for a bit of fun. Brunette Sexy Sue (36B) in black and Sexy Sam (38E) in red are prepared to entertain and yes, they have done this sort of thing before. Once again a succession of guys spunk over the women's faces and when finished they look ready for another dozen.

This is over two hours of straightforward classic bukkake with girls well versed in the sport. None of the participants get sidetracked into other things like fucking, keeping their loads for the girls faces and tits. Crisply shot and edited, does exactly what it says on the tin.

Review by Bayleaf
January 2007

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