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Released: 2007
Director: Rock Charogne
Notes: Your Choice Productions
Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy Your Choice

In this, his third collection of scenes for Your Choice, Rock Charogne sticks to a tried and tested formula. Book a couple of good looking and experienced performers, set up a basic scenario, and film them fucking. As they say, it works every time. No cod interviews, no first time pretending, no uncomfortable dialogue; just some fine mature bodies working up a sexual sweat. If you share Rock's tastes you'll love this film, and with three hours of action there's plenty to love.

In the first scene, Cherry gets turned on by some men's mags she finds in the office, so that when her colleague returns she's ready, literally, to clear her desk and fuck him. Cherry loses her business suit and underwear as the scene progresses, leaving just her hold up stockings, and missionary and doggy leads to anal and a facial to finish.

Wendy Taylor and Lee Henshaw undress each other in a quiet, sun-dappled part of the garden. Wendy gets a good fucking from Lee in the usual positions on a sheet on the grass, although the strong sunshine creates some deep shadows across the action. Hope they both had their factor 20 on.

Another outdoor scenario with Gemma Parker waiting for her boyfriend in another sunny garden. The trouble is Gemma can't wait and she's taken her knickers off and has a red vibrator in her pussy. Of course this means she's entirely ready for it when her boyfriend strips her down to her skirt and sticks his cock in her face. The couple then climb over the fence into an adjoining meadow where they perform in plain sight of a couple of horses and any passing walkers. Usual positions plus doggy over the farm gate before Gemma gets her arse pounded and her pussy covered in cum.

Wearing just a bright pink catsuit, Layla~Jade approaches her man, a big bald-headed black American dude, on the sofa. After some oral pleasantries both are naked and, moving to the bed, Layla gets a respectable shagging from her partner. The action moves to a rug on the floor where Layla gets her arse pounded piledriver before returning to the bed for a climax. This is confusing as the guy seems to come in Layla's pussy before trying, without success, to squeeze a little more out over Layla's tongue. The camera returns to Layla's pussy to see a little spunk dribbling out. The poorly lit interior here is small and cheaply furnished and left me with the distinct impression this scene was filmed in the US.

Kym Morgan, Big Johnny and a bed, all the ingredients you need for a decent sex scene. They both strip off and pound each other on the bed in a way that seems to satisfy everyone. Johnny then fucks Kym up the bum in spoons and doggy before shooting over her face. The lighting is a bit wayward here as a camera mounted spot fills in for inadequate room lights.

Starr has her hands, mouth, and finally her pussy full of Sensi's big black cock. The pair get undressed fairly quickly, although Starr keeps a wholly inappropriate pleated microskirt on for a while as she stands astride Sensi to get her pussy licked. Cowgirl and missionary on a big lumpy sofa before Starr's pussy gets a piledriving on the zebra rug. Then just time for impressive reverse cowgirl anal before she gets a load over her face. Whattagirl!

Mandy strips to her black hold-ups and red stilettos before Jayce Xaveri arrives home, which means that all that needs to happen is for Jayce to take his clothes off and the pair can get fucking on the coffee table. Moving upstairs the pair spend a while fucking in the bedroom before returning to the living room where Jayce gets a rimming before fucking Mandy up the arse in piledriver mode. More anal in doggy and missionary before a decent facial.

The bonus scene features Wendy and Autumn getting very naughty with each other down in the woods. Naked, they insert a variety of fruit and vegetables into each other's pussies, then pee over each other. The pissing theme is continued in the kitchen at home where the girls pee over each other and over the floor, catching some in a wine glass for drinking and swapping. Finally the girls move to the bedroom where they share a blue double ender before flouting health and safety by lying back with their bums in the air and a lit candle in each of four holes.

Nearly three hours of professionally filmed porn from Rock, released through Amsterdam based Your Choice, so no inconvenient R18 preventing some nice al fresco sex. The lighting can get a bit wayward which Rock needs to watch when it obscures the action, but otherwise warmly recommended.

Review by Bayleaf
March 2007

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