< (Ben Dover) Housewives' Fantasies Vol. 5 R18 DVD available

Released: 2007
Director: Steve Perry
Alternate Titles
  • British Housewives' Fantasies 5
  • Housewives' Fantasies Vol. 5
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 147 mins.

For Volume 5 of Housewives' Fantasies, Ben Dover has mixed three recently shot scenes with two which date back to the late 90's and have already been released in several of his other works. Ben is aided and abetted by his two right-hand men, Pascal and Tony James, in the three newest scenes.

Big breasted Liverpudlian Vicki descends Pascal's stairs in her see through white negligee and pink lingerie and plonks herself on the sofa next to Ben. The boys caress her body, slipping off her bra they squeeze her tits. Vicki falls to the floor to suck at Pascal's prick. Ben joins in as she takes both cocks between her lips. Lying back on the sofa, Vicki's panties are pulled tight into her snatch. Pulling them down, Ben sniffs and crams them into her pussy. Vicki sucks at her knickers as Pascal fucks her missionary. On all fours, Pascal pushes his prick into Vicki's pussy and she rocks back. Moistening the member in her mouth she then rides reverse, her big boobs bouncing as she slaps against his balls. Pascal moves his cock into her arse. Vicki groans as she's banged. Sitting up, the boys fire their loads over Vicki's face. She opens her legs and pisses across the room.

Tony and Pascal set up the lights while Ben goes off to collect Celeste from the station. In from the rain the entourage make their way to the bedroom where Celeste's wet coat is hung up. The boys admire her boobs through her tight top - the outline of two nipple rings can be clearly seen. Pascal sidles up beside Celeste to play with her tits. Lifting her black dress, tufts of pubes stick out either side of her red knickers. Ben gets excited. Celeste slowly strips to her panties and lies on a large blanket masturbating. Opening her mouth she takes Pascal's cock. Reaching for her furry muff, Ben gets his fingers covered in fanny fluid. Removing her knickers, Celeste stuffs them in her mouth. Laid on the bed with legs splayed out, Pascal fucks her. She bends forward and Ben spanks her bum, leaving it rosy red. The fucking continues reverse cowgirl, Ben holding his cock by her face. Flat on her stomach, Ben licks Celeste's hairy arse hole. Pascal then eases in his cock and the two roll over so she can ride him up her bum. Celeste's mouth filled with knickers, the boys come over her face and Tony puts down his camera to give a third load.

For the final scene Ben has gone to Bristol where he has arranged to meet Cathy Barry at the Pumpkin studio. She has found a new girl, Josie, who is dying to work with Ben and she has agreed he can use their facilities. Sitting on the sofa in her black top and trousers, Josie tells Ben of her fantasies and it's making him hard. She leans forward to investigate, slipping his cock between her lips. Josie's top and trousers come off and she sits in her suspenders and black stockings as Pascal and Tony come in. Kneeling between the boys she sucks at their cocks while Ben wanks. Tony spreads her pussy lips and slips in his fingers. Back on the sofa, Pascal pulls back Josie's legs and enters her fanny. Tony then takes a turn hammering her hole. Mounting Pascal reverse, Josie gets both boys in her pussy. Down on all fours she is spit roasted. The boys finger Josie's arse. She's up for anal but first she needs a pee. It trickles down her thighs. Leaning on the sofa, Pascal eases his cock into Josie's arse. The pair fall on their sides and continue spoons. Tony moves in to take over missionary. The scene ends with Josie fulfilling her fantasy and being DP'd. The three then fill her mouth with cum. Smiling, it dribbles out over Josie's chin.

The film has three nice new scenes, but for Ben Dover fans finding that two out of the five scenes are repeats may come as a disappointment. Celeste with her amazing hairy pussy puts in a good performance, but is slightly outshone by Vicki and the very naughty Josie, both of whom seemed more at ease with the camera.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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