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Released: 2007
Director: Steve Perry
Alternate Titles
  • (Ben Dover) Porn Apprentice: "You're Fucked!"
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 143 mins. + 18 min. bonus

Looking as if he'd had a bad night on the town, a stubble covered Ben Dover introduces four girls to his porn apprentice scheme. Helping to assess the girls, Pascal is ever present with his prick at the ready. The format of each scene follows Ben's normal pattern: an interview with some lecherous grabbing and groping, followed by hard, hot action.

Paige is first in the firing line. Settling down on Ben's sofa in her short white skirt and lemon top, she opens her legs to flash her matching knickers while Ben chats. Standing, Paige runs her hands up and down her legs, then strokes at her panties. Undoing her skirt, it falls to the floor. Ben moves in to spank her arse. Sitting back, Paige pulls her panties to one side and slips in two fingers. Ben adds his own to see how moist she is. Pascal eases down her top to play with her tits. Ben lies on the floor to get a better view, then stuffs her panties into her pussy. On hands and knees, Paige deep throats the guys before cramming both their chebs in her mouth. Knickers removed and her cunt well and truly fingered, Pagie's juices are flowing and she's ready for cock. Holding her pussy lips wide, Pascal hammers home. Pascal holds his prick for Paige to slide on to, cowgirl. Ben adds his cock to her pussy for some double dicking. Kneeling, Paige is taken from behind. She falls back into Pascal's lap to ride him reverse. Shuffling round, Ben lies Paige over his knees to play with her arse. She prepares to take Pascal's prick up her bum. The two bang away doggy and reverse cowgirl. Wrapping her knickers around Ben's cock, Paige jerks him into her mouth. Her face covered in cream, she lets Pascal finish off missionary before he pops his load onto her tongue. Paige dribbles the spunk down her body.

Ben turns up at Pascal's apartment where he has a surprise in store. Blonde Suzi has come from Poland to make her first movie. In her cropped blue top and white skirt, she giggles as she talks to Ben. Pascal pulls her pale blue knickers tight between her bum cheeks. Ben is impressed. Removing her top, Suzi stretches out on the kitchen table. Pascal laps between her legs. A damp patch appears on her panties. Grabbing at Pascal, Suzi guides his dick between her lips and sucks. Ben runs his cock over her silver high heel sandals. Dribbling over Ben's prick, Suzi sticks the wet shaft in her mouth. The two twist round to 69. Jamming her panties into her pussy, Suzi is spun on the table. Pascal laps between her legs, then fucks her missionary. Moving to a stool, Suzi bends forward to be taken doggy. She rocks back on her heels as she is shagged. Ben teases her with his dick before letting Suzi mount him reverse. With her tongue darting over the heads of the boys' tools, Suzi gets a mouth full of jizz.

In a tight pink corset, black skirt and seamed fishnets, bubbly blonde Katie has adopted the retro look for her session with Ben. Standing by the fire, Katie slips down her skirt and strokes her pink and black lace knickers. As she sits, her nipples peek out of the top of her corset. Ben plays with them as the wind whistles through the sash windows. Easing her knickers to one side, Katie tugs at her pussy lips and starts to wank. Noticing Ben has his cock out, she wraps her fingers round it. Staring up with her big blue eyes, she licks. Katie has always wanted a big black dick and when Joe arrives she licks her lips. Crouching, she sucks at both boys. Peeling down her knickers, Joe jabs his fingers in her arse, followed by his tongue. Katie leans on the sofa as she is taken from behind in the pussy. Then, kicking off her shoes, she mounts Joe reverse. Moving to a chair, Katie spreads her legs wide. Ben squeezes four fingers into her fanny. Joe follows up with his cock. Back on the floor, Katie licks her lips as Joe eases his cock into her arse. The two roll over so she ends up on top. Ready to cum, Joe jerks his load into Katie's mouth. Ben misjudges, popping his spunk in her eye!!

Before meeting Ben and the boys, Amanda (as Nikki) is filmed dancing in a drab concrete car park. Back at Pascal's flat, she eases down her tight grey shorts to show her hairy muff. Standing behind her, Ben is over the moon and rubs the bulge in his pants against her bum. Neil and Pascal kiss and caress Nikki's body. Ben moves in to lap at her hairy minge. The group make for the settee, Nikki stroking herself as she teases the three with her tongue. Sitting up, she swallows Pascal as far as his balls, before turning to the other two boys. A prick in her mouth, Nikki lets Pascal fuck her missionary. The four swap places and she ends up riding him cowgirl. More movement and this time Nikki is shagged doggy before having her bum poked with Neil's dick. Jerking Ben into her mouth, Nikki wanks the other boys over her tits.

Samantha (as Sam Jackson) appears in the short bonus as Ben's secretary, in a scene which has been lifted from Ben Dover 5. Slowly stripping to her black knickers and stockings, Sam unzips Ben's jeans releasing his cock. She gently rocks with his tool between her lips. More slow wanking and Ben cums over her face.

When putting the film together, unlike most directors who would have each scene roughly cut to the same length, Ben has gone with the flow of the action. This means Paige appears for over 46 minutes in her scene (which is almost twice the length of the other girls), but because of the natural flow and banter, it doesn't seam to drag. Top marks too for Katie Fox who looks sizzlingly sexy in her pink and black gear. If you're a Ben Dover fan you'll not be disappointed by Porn Apprentice.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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