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Released: 2006 (2008 for DVD)
Director: Vicki Holloway and Ric Porter
Notes: Portway Films / Union Films (originally a Television X series)
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 143 mins.

With a cast of only three girls, you may think this 'originally shot for TVX' movie may be struggling to fill the five scenes of its R18 release. Not a bit of it, when the girls are of the calibre of Amber, Leah and Sahara under the expert direction of Vikki Holloway and Ric Porter.

On a set which is a cross between a harem from the Arabian Nights and an Indian restaurant, Sahara lies on a sheepskin run as a veiled Leah crawls towards her in a coin-bedecked bar. Lifting out her boobs, Sahara sits up and tenderly tongues Leah's nipples. Sahara relaxes back to have her own breasts licked. Leah's dangly ear rings drag over Sahara's body as she heads for her pussy. She's soon dripping wet. Tugging down Leah's panties, Sahara laps at her clit and eases a flashing 'sci-fi' toy into her pussy. Pushed up onto her shoulders, a more conventional vibrator is plugged into Sahara's pussy. Bum-to-bum, the pair share a long red dong. Turning to each other, they kiss.

Relaxing in her swanky new warehouse apartment, Sahara's peace is shattered by the sound of workmen outside her window. Sahara opens the door to an apologetic Mark. Her head is pounding with the racket. Mark has read that the best way to clear a headache is with an orgasm. Pulling at her summer top, he bites at her boobs and slips his hand beneath Sahara's short white skirt. Sahara stands against the wall, her body arching. Ripping at Mark's fluorescent top, Sahara forces him into the wall. Yanking at his pants, she swallows his swollen shaft. The two fall to the floor. Sahara lowers herself down on Mark's manhood and rides him. Falling forward, Mark probes deep into Sahara's pussy with his prick. She rolls onto her back to be fucked missionary. Her mouth wide open, Sahara fills it with Mark's cream. Her headache has gone!

Leah's boyfriend has been pestering her to do anal, but she's not quite sure about it. She decides to call on Amber for some advice. Sitting on the sofa, the girls slip their boobs out of their dresses and lean forward to lick. Amber's tongue darts around Leah's nipples. She pulls at her knickers and drops down to eat pussy. A finger enters her damp mound. Moving to the floor, the girls squirm around on the rug, their digits delving and probing each other's pussies. Amber produces two vibes - a pink one for Leah and a red one for herself. The girls screw the toys into each other and play. Anal sex will be fine.

The big day has arrived for Leah and her boyfriend Lee. Entering her pastel coloured flat, she unbuttons her jacket and presses her breasts into Lee's face. He takes a nipple in his mouth and sucks as he rubs at her black panties. Moving down Leah's body, Lee's tongue explores the damp patch in her knickers. He holds his mouth to her pussy lips. Flicking back her long dark hair, Leah undoes Lee's flies and licks at his dick. His cock slides down her throat and past her tonsils. Her panties off, Leah kneels on the sheepskin rug. The tip of Lee's prick pushes into her pussy. The two move to the bed. After a session of riding, Lee opens Leah's arse with a small glass toy. It's now or never... She gasps as the Lee's shaft slides into her arse. Leah wants more. Dropping on to their sides they try anal spoons. Lee pulls out and coats her bum with cum.

Having enjoyed her first anal experience, Leah has invited Danny and Doug round to try two cocks at once. She unbuttons their shirts as they grope her tits. Doug grabs her knickers with his teeth and pulls them down. His tongue enters her pussy. Danny smiles as Leah wanks at his shaft. The boys swap places. Leah guides Danny's dick between her legs and swallows Doug's cock. After hammering down hard on the boy's lengths, Leah flops forward with Doug in her pussy. Her arse hole gapes. Danny rams his prick in deep. Leah groans as the pair bang at her tight pussy and arse. She rolls onto her back and the boys jerk their jizz over her face. It was fantastic!

Bollywood Booty shows that you don't need a huge cast to produce fine scenes. Okay, the acting may not be up to Shakespearean standards, but that's more than made up for by the girls' enthusiastic performances. Sahara is sultry and naughty, while Leah is sizzlingly hot. A great film from Portway productions, with nothing to indicate that Bollywood Booty was originally shot for TV.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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