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Released: 2007
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish
Alternate Titles
  • Titten-Ficker 2 Magma
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 135 mins.

Having just wrapped up Breast Strokers 1, Hazza and the team are back on the streets for round 2. If you've missed the first film don't worry. This isn't Relish producing an educational 'learn to swim' series, but Hazza and his crew trying to find the perfect pair of boobs. This time the British girls Aaliyah, Alexis, Jessica and Nikita are joined by the diminutive figure of the Hungarian star Angela Winter, in their hunt for the ultimate tits.

Having successfully appeared with Starr in Volume 1 of the series, Hazza has invited Keiran back for another go. The pair head to south London where the pickings are supposedly rich. The boys are disappointed, until they spot Nikita out for her lunch. Making a beeline for her boobs, they invite her back to their apartment and she agrees. Nestled on the sofa between the boys, they both take handfuls of Nikita's ample breasts. She wriggles down her jeans and unfastens her bra, letting her boobs fall out. Hazza makes his excuses and leaves as Keiran slips his prick into Nikita's open mouth. His hand reaches for her pussy as he fucks her tonsils. Nikita glides the spit covered cock down her cleavage on its way to her cunt. Keiran thrusts in deep. With Nikita kneeling on the sofa, Kerian bangs against her big bum. The two roll over so she can ride him. More tit wanking, then the sofa starts to rock as the two hammer away missionary. Back on all fours, Nikita wants her arse filled. Her boobs swing and sway with the motion. The two end on the floor, Keiran jerking his jizz onto Nikita's tongue. She drips it onto her tits.

In a Soho sex shop, Hazza finds Alexis Silver. The two are looking for a suitable candidate to appear in the film. Spotting a customer in the corner, they approach him. After they criticise his choice of DVDs, he heads back to the flat with the pair. Examining Johnny's hands, Alexis thinks he'll make a perfect breast stroker and eases down her tight black top to reveal her blue bra. Johnny proves her right, squeezing her tits together as he slips the bra straps from her shoulders. Their tongues meet on Alexis's nipples. Kneeling, she works her jeans over his hips. Her head drops onto his cock. Pulling back her hair, Alexis grasps the shaft and feeds it down her throat. She turns, sliding the slippery dick into her pussy doggy. Falling forward onto the arm of the sofa, Alexis's boobs dangle and bang against a small table. She pushes herself up to sit on Johnny's meat. After some shagging spoons, Johnny licks at Alexis's arse as a prelude to popping in his prick. Cupping her tits and licking them, Alexis gets her face spattered with Johnny's jizz. A true breast stroker.

Dressed in a green blouse, Aaliyah sits at a pavement cafe when Hazza and Danny spot her. The heavens open up just as the three set off down the street. They jump into a taxi and make for the flat. Lifting her top, Aaliyah shows the boys her boobs. Cameraman Dick Bush can't resist having a nibble. Her trousers come down. Danny rubs the front of her tight white knickers. Aaliyah slithers her hand in and peels off her panties. Bending forward, Aaliyah lets Danny lick her arse. She slowly moves back to sit on his face, her hand wandering into his pants. Cock out, she wanks it between her lips then prods and pokes her cheek with Danny's tool. The spit covered knob is smeared over her boobs. Propped up on cushions, Danny shoves his dick into Aaliyah's stubble covered snatch. Tying her legs in knots, he bangs away. Pulling her black hair straight, Aaliyah sits up on the prick. Spinning round, she guides the member into her arse where she grinds away. The two fall onto their sides. Yanking off her green top, Aaliyah wants Danny's dick juice over her tits.

Having already found Nikita in south London, Hazza and Danny head back hoping to find more girls. Blonde Jessica Love is willing to help out the boys. In Hazza's kitchen, Jessica pulls at her pink top to play with her breasts. They may not be big, but they are beautiful and firm, which is just what they want. Crouching, Jessica's head bobs on Danny's dick. Her tongue works its way down his shaft and around his balls. Jumping onto the bench, Jessica raises her skirt. Danny moves in between her legs and licks. He straightens up to push his prick in her pussy. Standing with her leg up on the sink, Jessica is entered from behind. The pair drop to the floor for some reverse cock riding. Twisting onto their sides, the two fuck spoons. Jessica then gets herself onto all fours to have her pussy filled, doggy. The scene ends with a facial in front of the oven.

The final scene stars Hungarian Angela Winter who shows that small, pert, boobs can be stroked as well.

Breast Strokers 2 is proof that British companies can produce good quality 'gonzo' movies. Hazza and Relish's slightly laid back and relaxed approach is ideal for this type of film and puts everyone at ease during the shoot. The only slight niggle I have is with Aaliyah, who pulls and twists her hair throughout her scene. Not immediately noticeable - till the sixth or seventh time... Even with that minor gripe, Breast Strokers 2 still deserves a place in your library.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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