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Released: 2007
Director: Rock Charogne
Notes: Your Choice Productions
Notes and Reviews

Your Choice presents another welcome batch of scenes from Rock Charogne, who delivers Britain's top talent in no-nonsense fucking scenes. Once again Rock shows his predilection for the great outdoors, with Lala and Jane getting their pussies stuffed in the open air.

A couple of passing guys discover Lala is masturbating on the grass down by the lake. As Lala continues to play with herself, the guys take this as an invitation to join her. Before long, Lala's tits are exposed along with the guy's cocks. Between bouts of cock-sucking and pussy licking, everyone gets pretty much naked. Moving to a slightly less-exposed spot, the guys fuck Lala on a blanket on the grass. Both guys fuck Lala's pussy in most positions, before the trio hurriedly move to a sunnier spot for the money shot when another walker appears.

Majella, in black fishnets and basque, takes on Sensi in a studio dungeon location. Sensi wears a strappy black leather top in keeping with the S&M theme as he fucks Majella on a black bench. Sensi then moves to a small, wheeled cage on the floor, getting his cock sucked through the bars. Majella joins him in the cage for some awkward sex in very cramped conditions, before Sensi moves out and fucks her through the bars. A little more gentle bonking ends with a decent facial.

Jayce Xaveri finds EML asleep on her bed, but as she's wearing black stockings and sexy black and purple underwear, he figures she may be up for a shag. Which is true. The pair undress during mutual oral sex and Jayce gives Elizabeth a decent seeing to on the white sheets. The scene ends with a cumshot over Elizabeth's pussy.

Jane is out in the countryside with Stefan Hard, in his red buggy. They've found a quiet spot. Jane gets her tits and Stefan's cock out for oral sex. Jane, in a red dress, pants and stockings (which match the buggy's paint job), continues to suck Stefan's cock until its time to fuck. The pair try most positions, sitting in the front and the back seats. And with no roof, only roll bars, there's plenty of space for a good fuck which ends with a facial.

While Tiffanny is in the shower, her dad shows the useless gardener how to start the lawnmower. More trouble with the mower attracts Tiffanny's attention and she invites the young man into the house. Tiffanny, clad in a white bathrobe, is still wet from the shower, but even wetter between her legs. The gardener is soon out of his clothes and joins Tiffanny on the bed. The pair fuck on her bed for a while and then go downstairs to the kitchen, since Tiffanny's dad has gone out. She's fucked on the work units and a chair before they move to a sofa in the conservatory. In this last location, Tiffanny takes the gardener's cock up her bum before taking a facial. Moments later her dad finds a dressed and demure Tiffanny reading on the self same sofa. However, he's less than impressed by the amount of work done by the gardener and fires him.

Photographer Keni has hired Isabel and Sensi for a studio session, but as soon as his players are stripped for action on the bed, it's clear that Isabel will need more than one cock to satisfy her. Keeping her white stockings on and sporting luxuriant pubic growth, Isabel gets fucked by both guys in the usual positions. Eventually, Keni plunders her arse while Sensi's cock is in Isabel's mouth. Sensi appears to have a catastrophic loss of wood and the rest of the scene is filled with Keni and Isabel having athletic anal sex, which includes a piledriver, ending with Keni's substantial load being deposited over Isabel's pussy and arse.

The bonus scene features Paul Jones having an opportunistic fuck with the beautiful Ola. Paul strips, then undresses his partner, licking her pussy before dropping on to a temporary mattress on the floor. The oral sex continues until Paul fucks Ola in the usual positions, ending in missionary when Paul deposits his load in Ola's pussy. As his cum drains from her pussy, Paul hurriedly takes up his stills camera offscreen to capture this unique moment. This scene is of particular interest to serious collectors as Ola is a British based European girl who did hardly any hardcore. Fortunately, one scene that she did make is captured here.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2008

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