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Released: 2006
Director: Steve Perry
Alternate Titles
  • SwingalongaBen
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 98 mins.

SwingalongaBen in not your normal Ben Dover type film. There's none of the cheeky chappy introductions, none of Ben trying to entice the girls into appearing... In fact, there's no sign of Ben at all in the film.

The film kicks off with a scene shot in 'La Chambre' in Sheffield. Rachel sits on a brown leather sofa, in her knickers, waiting for cock. A guy appears. She is soon working his dick between her lips. Panties down, fingers are eased into her pussy and arse. Going down, the guy laps at her silky smooth snatch, then slips in his shaft. Rachel takes control, rolling him over and rocking gently on his cock. The pace quickens as the two move through a variety of positions. A squirt of lube and the prick is pushed into Rachel's bum. The scene closes with Rachel getting a mouth full of jizz.

Chelsea kneels on the bed, a guy nibbling at her nipples. She gives a gap-toothed grin as she bends forward to tongue his cock. Black knickers off, and her pussy is licked. Chelsea guides the cock into her cunt. The bed rattles and rocks as the thrusting gets harder. Chelsea turns over to be fucked from behind. Opening her fishnet clad legs, Chelsea rides both cowgirl and reverse before ending on her back. A bit of rapid banging and the chap covers Chelsea's chin in cum.

A sheet has been hung over the window of Tiffanny's room. In front of it is a bloke who is twice, if not three times, her age. He slips his hands under her lemon top and unfastens her red plaid skirt. The pair move to a bed covered in an awful green spread. Her knickers yanked down, the guy licks at her hairy muff. Moving, he wipes his dick over Tiffanny's face. She takes it in her mouth to try and breath life into the flaccid phallus. Stiff enough to work with, Tiffanny is fucked missionary. She fondles the old guy's balls as they fuck. Holding the base of his cock, the guy manages to enter Tiffanny from behind. He spanks her bruised bum as he bonks. Trying to ride the semi-stiff reverse cowgirl, it appears Tiffanny gives in and flops on her side waiting for something to happen. She fingers her clit as the bloke wanks over her bum.

Blonde and tattooed Louise is in her red top and short leather skirt when a balding guy enters the bedroom. He offers her his cock. Louise has no hesitation in popping it into her mouth. Stripped to her high heels and stockings, the two embark on a 69 session, rolling around the bed they finger and lick. With the guy on his back, Louise lowers herself onto his manhood. He caresses her clit and bites at her boobs as he bangs in deep. On all fours, Louise slowly rocks back onto the cock. From her expression she is enjoying it. Turning, the guy jerks his load over Louise's face.

In a red painted bedroom, Kimberley and Lee are playing around on the bed. She is quickly stripped down to her black stockings and the two set about lapping and sucking. Parting her pussy petals, Kimberley eases Lee into her damp hole. She reaches down to manipulate his balls. The two enter into a long doggy session, breaking every so often for Kimberley to taste herself. Kneeling on the bed, Kimberley gets spattered in spunk. She licks every last drop off her boobs and arms.

If it wasn't for the titles you would be hard pressed to guess this was a Ben Dover film. The only clue is his dulcet tones in one of the scenes. As for the girls and guys in the film, it's a bit of a mixed bag. Louise looked as if she was having fun in her scene and this 'slightly more mature' girl knows how to bump and grind. At the other end of the spectrum is Tiffanny, who went through the motions with a guy old enough to be her granddad. By the end of her scene she had lost interest. SwingalongaBen is definitely something different, but not outstandingly so.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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