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Released: 2007
Notes: MSS Interactive
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Running time: 200 mins.

There are nine great scenes in this compilation and with a running time of nearly three and a half hours, it's a reminder of how much cock this little blonde sexpot has taken - just for MSS! Hardcore Suzie fans will have seen most of these scenes already. Although, with two I can't find elsewhere, it will still appeal. To the general porn fan, either the fantastic action or the incredible value for money will make this a best seller.

Scene one: from National Models Peeing 4
Tammy Oldham is already stripped to her underwear when Suzie arrives by car with just one thing on her mind. But before they get to that, Suzie needs a pee - right there, on the drive. As is usual for girlfriends, Tammy keeps her company as both girls relieve themselves on the gravel. Then they're quicky inside for under dressed sex in an over dressed bedroom. Plenty of red velvet over the four poster bed where the girls kiss and lick each other. But they've obviously had too much to drink, as they're soon pissing into a tank. Then they're stretching pussies with vibrators and beads before finishing up in the bathroom with more peeing.

Scene two: from UK Student House 12
Suzie and Merlin skinny dip in the pool, but it's too cold for sex in the open air so the pair head indoors. Suzie settles down beside Merlin on the sofa. His hands explore her body, squeezing her tits and brushing her pussy. Suzie gives Merlin's cock a wank before stuffing it in her mouth and moving to 69. Suzie rides Merlin for a while before taking his cock in her pussy, then in her arse doggy style. The scene ends with a cumshot over Suzie's back.

Scene three: from Fetish Desires 3
Morrigan Hel, clad in a clear rubber corset, stands over naked slave girls. Suzie and Myla are prone on the floor. The two slaves work their way up Morrigan's body, polishing with yellow dusters as they go. Both slaves are tied up. Myla gets slapped and dildoed by Morrigan before the mistress releases the girls and supervises their lesbian sex, adding an extra tongue from time to time. Suzie gets the pink dildo treatment before Morrigan straps on a plastic prick and fucks first Suzie, then Myla, to a climax.

Scene four: from Office Sluts
In the office kitchen, Suzie catches Ben adjusting his clothing. Suzie wants a more radical adjustment - to her clothes as well as his. Ben is quickly undressed and Suzie, stripped to her black teddy, lies back across the table as Ben's tongue gets to work on her pussy. Just as they start to fuck on the table, Suzie's colleague Zoe discovers them and wants a piece of the action. Ben fucks both girls on the table doggy style., then Zoe in missionary. Eventually they move to a chair where he fucks Suzie up the bum in reverse cowgirl. The scene ends with a fine load of cum delivered over Zoe's taut black tummy.

Scene five: from Orgies 2
How to explain Ben Kelly in a room with four porn starlets dressed as stereotypical schoolgirls: white shirts, ties, short skirts and a mixture of socks and stockings? Why? Because they're going to a fancy dress party, of course. Although, no sooner are they all prettily arranged on the sofa than everyone gets a better idea - let's suck Ben's cock! Ben is undressed in stages as each girl takes her turn, before Poppy is the first to get impaled on cock. Harmony, Suzie, then Alexus follow. Poppy leans against the fireplace to get fucked from behind while the other three pleasure themselves on the sofa. Next, their three pretty young bums are lined up on the sofa for Ben to fuck doggy style. Then they're flipped for a pussy pounding. Finally, Ben lines up all four on the floor to cum over their bums.

Scene six: unreleased scene with Karla Romano
Nurse Suzie takes Karla to the doctor's for an intimate examination to cure her lack of lubrication down below. The scene has a fetishistic feel with the doctor wearing just a white coat and Wellingtons in a dimly-lit surgery. As Karla removes her panties and is examined, Suzie strips to her underwear too. The doc decides on a direct approach and fucks a now naked Karla in the examination chair, while Suzie keeps his cock lubed with her mouth. Both girls then share the doc, getting fucked doggy and reverse cowgirl in the chair before sharing the contents of his balls between their mouths.

Scene seven: with Harmony Hex
With both girls wearing tiny denim shorts and loose cotton tops, one thinks of fine summer days. But Suzie and Harmony are wise to keep their lewd behaviour behind closed doors. The girls undress on a black leather sofa, stroking, licking and fingering each other for most of the scene. When the dldos come out - and go in - they do so two at a time. But the girls hardly have time to climax before the scene ends.

Scene eight: from Younger Girls, Older Guys
While veteran plumber Jack Uppit tries to fix Suzie's sink overflow, our little blonde sexpot settles her hand down her panties to watch porn on TV. Inevitably, Jack discovers Suzie and while he enjoys watching porn, he prefers the real thing - which Suzie offers. Suzie undresses for Jack then polishes his good-sized knob with her mouth. Suitably hard, grey-haired Jack gives Suzie a decent shagging in cowgirl doggy on the sofa, eventually pulling out for the money shot over her bum.

Scene nine: with Frankie
Suzie and Frankie wake up naked in their hotel bed. Pulling on their bikinis, they head for the beach and some man-fun. They find Jay R with a frisbee in the shallow water. All three return to the girls' room. Our bi ladies put on a raunchy sofa show for Jay to get him hard, then retire to the bedroom for sex. Jay shares both Frankie and Suzie in most positions, including side-by-side, with both girls glistening nicely in the hot and sweaty action. The scene ends with Jay coming over both girls' bellies.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2008

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