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Released: 2007
Director: Alicia Rhodes
Notes: Dark Matter / Playhouse
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Running time: 117 mins.

With the scenes in Backpackers all dating from late 2005 (according to the DVD cover), this film predates Alicia Rhodes' first release Backstage Ass and comes from a time when she was honing her directing skills. Taking a pile of her porn star friends, Alicia interviews them about sex then watches as they get their arses filled. On paper it sounds fine, especially with such a strong cast of anal addicts, but...

First person to be interviewed is Natalie. Sitting in her pink and red top, Natalie stands to show Alicia her boobs. Pulling her shorts tight into her snatch, Alicia gleans a peek at Natalie's arse. Pants down, Alicia shoves her fingers into Natalie's bum and laps. A long black toy is stuffed into Natalie's gaping hole. Bringing Demetri onto the set, Alicia leaves the pair alone on the sofa for a moment to become better acquainted. Natalie gags on his cock. Dropping to her knees, the spit covered dick is guided into her arse. Her boobs bounce out of her pink top. Alicia rejoins them to hold open Natalie's bum as she's fucked missionary, then cowgirl. Playing with Natalie's long blonde hair, Demetri wanks his load into her mouth. She smiles. Alicia checks to make sure all the spunk has been swallowed.

Same sofa, same questions, same scenario, but this time with Isabel Ice and Dillon. As you would expect from Isabel, the bum banging is a little harder, but this is almost a carbon copy of the first scene.

Jamie Brooks in her black lingerie is next on Alicia's sofa. OK, this time Alicia uses a red toy instead of a black one, but when Dillon turns up you know what to expect.

By now things are getting predictable. A blonde Elle Brooks sees some anal action from Steve Hooper, but in a much shorter scene.

Finally, a change of set for Aaliyah to appear in her first anal scene with Steve. The action just starts to get going when the whole lot is over.

With four such similar scenes, Backpackers quickly becomes very repetitive. Had the set changed, or Alicia asked some more inspiring questions, the film may have been better. Only Aaliyah's scene differed, but squeezed in, as it is, at the end of the film and cut right back to the bone, it's too little too late. The other question is where were Poppy Morgan and Suzie Best? Both girls appear in the titles and Poppy takes part in the Behind the Scenes interviews, but neither make it into the film. Backpackers is not one of the better releases of 2007.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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