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Released: 2007
Director: Alicia Rhodes
Notes: Dark Matter
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Running time: 116 mins.

We are all used to seeing Alicia in front of the lens. Now she's turned her talents to the other end of the camera to direct Backstage Ass. The premise of the film is simple; pile 10 porn stars into a mini bus, drive them to clubs throughout the UK and film what goes on behind the scenes... i.e. hard hot action!

Slipping out for a smoke, Elizabeth is joined by Michelle B on the back stairs of the club. The girls start to kiss as Elizabeth lifts Michelle's boobs out of her white net dress. She turns her to lick at her pussy and ass. Pulling down her own black spotted panties, Elizabeth eases a finger into Michelle's arse as Demetri appears. Seeing the girls are in need of cock, he drops his trousers for the pair to suck. The girls' tongues run up and down either side of his shaft. Moving into the toilets, Michelle plants her pussy on Demetri's prick while Elizabeth laps at the bouncing couple. Stripped to her black fishnets, Elizabeth samples the staff - pussy first, then on all fours in her arse. Michelle lies down. Demetri drives his dick into her pussy, then down Elizabeth's throat. With his man meat wedged in Elizabeth's arse, Demetri has his face smothered in fanny. Michelle moves to catch his cum in her mouth and gives Elizabeth a spunky kiss.

In almost matching black leather corsets, frilly knickers and thigh length black boots, Karina and Twinkle head for the ladies room. Starting to feel horny, Twinkle sits on the sink unit and rubs at her pussy. Karina steps in, pulling down her panties to lick at the smoothly shaven snatch. Twinkle moans as a couple of fingers enter her cunt. Bending Karina forward, Twinkle slaps at her arse. Her tongue explores and probes her pussy. With her legs stretched wide apart, Karina laps at Twinkle's pussy. Twinkle drops onto all fours. A vibe is jabbed between her legs. Reversing the roles, a transparent plug is popped into Karina's pussy. Twinkle tongues at the juices. Pulling on a strap-on, Karina fills Twinkle doggy style. Changing the plastic prick, Twinkle ends the session riding reverse cowgirl.

After a show, Alicia and Emma relax in the dressing room in the only way they know... stroking each other's pussies as they kiss. Lifting out her boobs, Alicia holds them for Emma to suck. The two drop back on the sofa for some cunt chewing and vibro action. Down on all fours, Alicia tugs at her bum cheeks while Emma hammers in a long black rod. Alicia crams her fingers into the gaping hole. Jay arrives. Turning Emma onto her back, he fills her fanny. Alicia waits to taste the pair. After fingering herself, Alicia crawls under the couple to lap at Emma's bum. Mounting Jay's cock cowgirl, Alicia falls forward so her arse can be stuffed with the big black stick. Emma redirects the dick into Alicia's bum. With Emma filling her face with fanny, Jay stands behind her and rams his prick home. His attention moves to Alicia's arse, fucking her missionary before upending her for some pile driving action. Emma jerks Jay's jizz into her mouth and plops it onto Alicia's lips.

In a tight white dress, Rebecca walks into a viewing studio. A huge screen ahead of her is showing a porn movie. Slumped down on a black leather sofa, her fingers enter her fanny. Looking up, two guys are standing with their cocks at the ready. Grabbing the boys, Rebecca's head yo-yos from side to side as she sucks. With the images flashing up on the screen, she feeds the dicks down her throat. Turning the two round, her tongue dances over the boys' bums. Settling herself down on a dick, Rebecca takes the second between her lips. Kneeling, she eases a boy into her arse. With her juices running, she turns to be double-dicked. Ready to cum, the two shower Rebecca's face with their cream.

It's the end of the tour and Angel, Daisy and Isabel are throwing a party for a few special guests. Dancing, the girls slowly strip for the four guys when Alicia and Elizabeth gate crash the do. What started as a select party soon turns into a full blown orgy. The boys filling their faces with the scent of fanny, while the girls stroke and swallow man meat. Bodies writhe and wriggle as pussies and arses are fucked singly and two at a time. Alicia has even brought along her favourite black toy to use. Angel gets her mouth filled with cum. The remaining four girls line up as the spunk is passed down the line. The five then crowd around the cocks as more jizz is jetted over their faces.

You can't help but be impressed by Alicia's directing debut. Mixing sizzling boy/girl and girl/girl action, she tops the film with a great orgy scene. With established favourites such as Angel, Elizabeth and Michelle B appearing, alongside up and coming stars like Daisy and Emma, there is plenty to watch in the film. Top marks.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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