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Released: 2007
Director: B Skow
Notes: Vivid
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Running time: 224 mins.

Having been New to the Game for Diabolic, Lacey Maguire finds herself as a Brand New Face alongside Chayse Evans, Angelina Ash and Lena Hawkins, for the third in this series from Vivid.

In a cluttered dressing room, Lacey tells the cameraman/director what brought her to the States and swears hand on heart she has never done this type of thing before. Stripping out of her tight white shorts, Lacey moves a pile of clothes and continues to chat for a further 20 minutes, fingering and pulling at her pussy as she does so. Eventually, she's introduced to Tony de Sergio and the pair head to the studio for the shoot.

Kneeling on the bed in some very unsexy trainers, Lacey lifts up Tony's cock and sucks. Swinging her leg over Tony's head, Lacey plonks her pussy in his face and falls forward for some 69 action. With shouts from the director, the pair change position to reverse cowgirl followed by spoons. Another call, this time into missionary. To complete the set, Lacey turns over to be fucked from behind. A little banging and gyration and Tony fires his load over Lacey's bum.

With the same 'Have you done this on camera' question being asked repeatedly of all the girls, you hope one will say 'Yes' if only to break the monotony of the interminably long intros. Perhaps a little less would have been a lot more. Once the action starts things get no better, with the camera remaining almost static throughout the session. Add to that the eight minutes of adverts which no matter what you press on your remote control you can't avoid, and you may guess correctly that I found this film to be poor.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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