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Released: 2007
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish
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Running time: 138 mins.

Three must be Relish's lucky number. There were three Asscapades films and three in the series Fresh Off The Bus. Now Hazza and his team have gathered Elle, Harmony, Katie and Yazmin, along with top European star Angel Dark, to appear in the third of their Breast Strokers films.

The film starts with a nice little number between Angel Dark and Danny where she shows the young Brit how breasts, and a lot more besides, are approached in Europe.

Down in his local, Hazza meets Harmony and Demitri. Sitting in the middle of the bar, the boys grasp and grope at Harmony's boobs, beneath her tight red top, before heading back to Hazza's flat for more fun. Slipping a nipple out of her black bra, Harmony admonishes Hazza for trying to touch. He goes off in a huff leaving the pair alone. Dropping her jeans, Harmony stands in her white socks and black knickers. Leaning forward, she takes Demitri's dick between her lips and swallows. The two shuffle round on the sofa to 69. Playing with her boobs, Harmony sits on Demitri's prick. She groans as he thrusts up into her tight pussy. Wrapping her fingers around the shaft, Harmony rubs the tip against her tits. Falling onto their sides, the couple screw, spoons. Flopping onto her back, Demitri pings his prick against Harmony's pussy before entering. He finishes the session, spattering her face and breasts with spunk.

Sitting outside a cafe, Hazza is hoping Angel will explain to him her theory about what makes the perfect breasts. Scanning the street, she spots Yazmin walking along in her floral dress. She fits the bill perfectly. The two are up and after her. A brush of her boobs in the street and it's off to the flat. With Hazza sandwiched between the girls on the sofa, they stretch over him to caress each other. A hand comes from behind the camera. He too wants to join in. Hazza feels in the way and moves off. Angel's tongue darts over Yazmin's erect nipples as she peels down her turquoise top. Their breasts squeeze together as hands explore naked flesh. Fingers stroke and probe pussies. Yazmin presses her tits against Angel's clit. Licking and lapping, the two 69. Toys appear which are worked into wet pussies. Twisting and screwing, Angel climaxes. She turns to wank at Yazmin's pussy. Moaning, she quickly cums. Intertwined, the girls kiss.

Hazza has brought Elle to Tower Bridge, on the hunt for a guy to participate in their breast stroking experiment. He stops Johnny who agrees to help, but first Elle has to examine his hands. With a clean bill of health, the three make their way to an apartment. Showing what's required, Hazza fumbles against Elle's green top. Quick learner Johnny lifts it up and tweaks at Elle's tits. His mouth moves towards her nipples and he licks. Elle grasps the front of his pants, releasing his prick. She pops it in her mouth. Working her way down his shaft, she reaches his balls. Knickers off, Elle invites Johnny to finger her hairy muff. His palm slaps against her moist pussy lips. Spreading her out on the sofa, Johnny hammers hard into Elle. She sits up to taste her juices. Turning, she is taken from behind. Flipping Johnny onto his back, Elle rocks as she rides his cock. Crouching, Elle traps Johnny's cheb between her tits. Her fingers tug at her clit as he showers her in cream.

Hazza and Jay are out and about on their quest for the ideal breast. In pink and black, Katie heads for an underpass. The boys move in saying how much they admire her boobs. Surprising the duo, she agrees to go back to the studio. Katie explains how she likes to be stroked, then gives a demonstration as Jay watches intently. With her tits out, the two play with her nipples. Wasting no time, Jay heads down to her snatch. Katie lies back to let him lick. Releasing Jay's cheb, Katie stuffs it into her mouth. Her head bobs as her lips make their way along his length. Katie's big boobs sway gently. Sinking back into the black sofa, Katie's pussy is filled with dick. She lifts up a breast and bites it. It's her turn to take control. Katie slides her way down Jay's shaft. The two fall into doggy position. With Jay's cock in her cleavage, Katie gives it a wank before turning to ride it reverse. Able to hold back no longer, Jay fires his load over Katie's boobs.

Breast Strokers 3 continues from where Breast Strokers 2 left off, with a light-hearted look at mammary manipulation. With Hazza now settled into his stride and a strong cast of top girls, this is the best of the Breast Strokers series. Relish and the team have another film to be proud of and it's well worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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