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Released: 2008
Director: Nigel Night
Notes: Rude Britannia / Whitecliffs Productions
Notes and Reviews

Despite being in the can for some time and Nigel Night's previous efforts not that memorable, this release has some arousing scenes. But then it would be hard to book Avalon or Kiera and not have some sparks.

After the credits have rolled, the action begins with Steve Hooper and Avalon snogging each other's faces off before tearing each other's clothes off to have sex on a sofa. Avalon's little white dress stays on the longer as she sucks Steve's cock, but she's stripped to her stilettos when she lies back for a fucking. Many changes of position during the frantic action that even moves to the coffee table. Ends after 25 minutes with a facial.

Keira has invited a couple of black dudes and Mark Marais back to her's where she starts a little striptease while Mark videotapes the action. Frankly there's not a lot to take off - crop top, skirt and pants - but it's all scarlet. Keira takes on all three guys on the sofa, but mainly on the carpet, in various combinations including cowgirl double penetration both ways. Eventually Keira puts her legs over her shoulders and sticks her bum in the air so that the guys can release their loads over her pussy and arse.

Solo masturbation with fingers and red dildo on a bed from Lorna.

Big amateur woman Redz is already naked and sitting on a sofa with Nigel as the fourth scene opens. Redz sucks Nigel's cock, moving to 69 before Nigel slips on a condom and slips in from behind. Fucking continues in several positions before Nigel delivers and uncomfortable facial for Redz.

Finally Lynx performs with an unknown young guy. Lynx is already naked apart from her skirt around her waist and she soon has her partner stripped for action. After oral, Lynx gets fucked on the sofa, on the coffee table, on the dining table and on the laminate flooring. The vigorous action concludes with the guy eventually squeezing a few drops over a patient Lynx's face while she lies on the floor.

With Rude Britannia's recent run of poor quality control, it's good to watch a few scenes of well shot porn. Fans of Keira, Lynx and Avalon - and I'm in the latter group - will not be disappointed.

Review by Bayleaf
July 2009

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