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Released: 2008
Director: Tom Herold
Notes: Private
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Running time: 120 mins.

Films featuring 'slightly older' girls are now in vogue and not wanting to miss out on the trend, Private have released their offering for the MILF market. Director Tom Herold has taken some of Britain's 'more mature' sexy women and placed them in homely settings for this six scene romp.

Sitting in front of her Aga, Daisy Rock introduces herself and starts to tell a tale of her encounter with three guys, when she is interrupted by the door bell. Clarke has arrived for his lesson in submission. He is told to wait while Daisy changes. Reappearing in black and gold lingerie, Daisy leads Clarke into the kitchen where she yanks down his pants to get at his dick. Bent forward with her boobs gently swaying, Daisy pushes Clarke against the table as she sucks at his cock. Clarke shows little resistance as Daisy slides onto his shaft. Climbing onto the table, Daisy splays her legs open wide. The whole shebang shuffles across the wooden floor as Clarke thrusts in deep. Getting Clarke to lie in front of the range, Daisy sits on his cock and rides him reverse. Tipping over onto her side, she guides the prick into her bum for some anal action. Screwing up her face, she climaxes. Wanking at his cock, Daisy wants Clarke's cum on her tits. She massages in the cream.

In her chintzy sitting room, Isabel Ice explains that she left her native Wales to hunt down young cock and that pizza boy Kieran is just what she's been looking for. She pays for her take away with a £20 note, but Kieran has no change. Isabel pops upstairs to see what she can do. Change is what Kieran gets, but not of the monetary type, as Isabel returns clad in leather strap underwear. The two kiss. Kieran's hand finds its way to Isabel's fanny. She tells him to kneel and start munching furry muff. Playing with her tits, Isabel traps the pizza boy's prick between her feet. Nice and hard, it's ready for action. Thoughts of food are out of the window when Isabel has a chance to feed on cock. She takes his length down her throat. Unbuckling her leather gear, Isabel settles down on Kieran's dick, her boobs dangling in his face. The two move to the sofa to fuck, Isabel turning from her back onto all fours. Pulling open her arse, Isabel wants men meat in her bum. Kieran jabs home. Now it's time for the dressing. Isabel takes his spunk on her face and neck.

Lara Latex has always had a thing about younger men, so when her son's friend calls round it makes her day. With no one due back for hours, Lara thinks of an enticement to make young Adam stay. Lifting her skirt, she shows the wee Scot her stockings and black silk panties. He is soon between her legs, tonguing away. With her blouse partly undone and her nipples peeking from her bra, Lara slides her hands into his trousers. Standing in her heels, Lara is a full head and shoulders taller then Adam, which looks slightly ridiculous. It doesn't stop her crouching to get at his cock. Leaning against a kitchen bench, Lara instructs Adam to fuck her from behind. The pair make for the kitchen chair where she sits on his dick. Standing up again, Lara raises one leg. Adam stands on tiptoes to get his cheb in her shaven snatch. With sweat dripping from his face, he is ready to cum. Lara catches his load in her mouth.

In her fur trimmed coat, busy businesswoman Leah sips coffee on her patio. Long hours in the office have ruined her sex life, so she sits and fantasizes. Her gardener approaches. He's tidied the lawn and now hopes to knock off early. Leah has another job she wants him to do. Pulling down his pants, she squats in front of him and sucks at his dick, before opening her coat and lying back on the table. The gardener takes his cue, lapping at her black knickers making her moan with pleasure. Peeling her panties down, he tongues at her clit then dibbles his dick in her moist hole. The action moves into the warmth. Leah throws herself at the cock while the gardener gropes at her tits. Gyrating, Leah grinds into his balls then rolls onto all fours to be fucked doggy. Relaxing on the floor, the gardener jerks his jizz into her mouth.

School teacher Sahara is a highly sexual person and wants to pass her experience on to the next generation. Dressed in a shiny PVC dress and boots, she gets her special pupil to read her erotic poetry. Slipping down her black knickers, she wants him to put into practice what he's just read. The boy's tongue flicks over Sahara's pussy. He parts her lips and laps at her clit. Moaning and writhing, she rolls round the bed. This naughty teacher wants more. Grabbing his pants, she yanks out his cock... it should be harder. Sahara's oral work soon gets it in shape. Slipping out of her dress, the two shag spoons on the bed. Rolling onto her face, the action continues. Sahara tumbles round the bed and sinks the pupil's prick into her arse, cowgirl, before kneeling in front of him to be coated in cum.

Tiffany's life has become a drudge. Her husband has lost interest in her so she'll have to find other ways of satisfying herself. She quite fancies the guy who lives next door, so comes up with a plan to get him into the house. In her pink suit with white stockings, she asks him for help unblocking the plug in the bathroom. It only takes a minute to fix her problem and she now wants to show her gratitude. Undoing her jacket, she flashes her tits then drops before the guy to get at his cock. This sex starved minx is desperate for dick as she tongues from the tip of his knob to his balls. Gurgling, she feeds his shaft down her throat. Spit dribbles over her chin. Bending over the bath, Tiffany wants the guy to rod her pussy. He hammers away between her thighs. Onto the bathroom stool, where Tiffany fingers her arse as she bounces cowgirl. Her skirt bunched around her hips, Tiffany lies in front of the bath to be banged up the bum. A face full of spunk makes it a perfect day.

As a film, this ticks all the right boxes as far as girls and action is concerned. At times the production isn't quite up to normal Private standards, with indifferent lighting and judders in the camera work. There is also the slightly comical situation of Lara towering over her midget stud. The big question though is, are the girls here old enough to be MILFs? That I don't know. The MILF tag now appears to be placed on any film which isn't a 'teen flick' and that's the trap that Private have fallen into here. An enjoyable film to watch, but perhaps misnamed.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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